Readyman Wilderness Survival Card

Sized to fit in a card pouch on your wallet, Readyman's handy survival card comes with a generous selection of tools that you can use to fish, hunt, and perform basic survival activities while spending days out in the wild.

Horse EDC Utility Tool

Drawing inspiration from a traditional Japanese utility knife called kiridashi, this thumb-sized tool is small enough to hang on a key fob, all while being useful enough for a whole host of cutting, prying, and scraping duties.

Tropical Teak Toolbox

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a plastic toolbox. However, there's also absolutely something special about this hand-crafted wooden toolbox that makes it so much better for carrying your handyman repair tools

Nemo Special Ops Drill

Is that a drill or is that some newfangled futuristic weapon? I honestly can't tell, but Nemo insists their blacked-out contraption is a handheld power drill that can service all your underwater stealth mission drilling and driving needs.

Honda VersAttach Tools

Combining the company's famed four-stroke engines with a modular tool design, this 6-in-1 system equips you with up to six different lawn and gardening tools using the same powerhead unit.

STIHL BGA 100 Cordless Leaf Blower

If you want the best leaf blower money can buy to blast the heck out of all the fallen leaves in your garden, it will be tough to go wrong with STIHL's lightest, quietest, and most powerful cordless blower.

Discommon Goods Bottle Opener

If you’re the kind of guy who takes pride in the type of beer you chug to get plastered, we guess you’d care enough to get a bottle opener you can take pride in, too. This elaborately-designed, sculpture-like bottle opener may be what your mini-bar has been missing all this time.

Chamber Multi-Tool

With 13 essential bike tools and a clever design that enables maximum leverage during repair jobs, this tiny multi-tool is the perfect companion for daily bike commutes around town.

Moore & Giles Frost Knife Carrier

Whether you're a chef, a hunter, or a serial-killing sociopath, chances are, you carry a set of cutlery everywhere you go. While knife rolls have become the de facto way to carry your favorite blades and there are tons of them around, the Frost's professional, business-like look just might work better in your favor.

ESEE Junglas Dark Earth

A good survival knife can be the most important tool in your arsenal when you're roughing it in the great outdoors. From splitting wood to cutting rope to skinning game, this 16.5-inch survival knife can do it all.

Pack Axe

An axe isn't exactly a necessity when backpacking, but it sure would be nice to have one to make camp life just a little easier. If you find a full-size axe a little too unwieldy to travel with, this Pack Axe might be the wood-splitting hand tool you've been waiting for.

Craftworker Cabinet

A single cabinet is no alternative to a room full of workshop tools. For space-starved spaces, though, this handsome Craftworker Cabinet that comes with a full set of 27 hand tools should equip the place nicely, all while sporting a classic design that's minimalist and clean.