QTRMSTR General Lee 2 Knife

Sporting an all-titanium rocker chassis that looks and functions like no other, this folding knife boasts an opening and closing action that, QTRMSTR claims, mimics the suspension of a Formula One race car, making it endlessly fascinating watch.

Kershaw Showtime Knife

Equal parts stylish and utilitarian, Kershaw's "non-traditional" version of a gentleman's knife combines a compact size that discreetly nestles in your pocket with a streamlined silhouette and a sleek two-toned finish.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

Make your life at camp just a little easier with Gerber's Camp Saw, which combines a unique folding design that enables easy transport with four pivot points for cutting through wood with the same ease as your regular hand saw at home.

Ridgid Stealth Force Cordless Impact Driver

Ridgid's newest impact driver isn't just their most powerful, it's also their quietest, reducing operating noise by a whopping 50 percent compared to comparable tools by housing the impact mechanism inside a noise-dampening oil bath.

Top Knives Micro Hawk Axe

Designed as an everyday-carry defensive tool, Top Knives' mini-axe combines elements of a karambit, a tomahawk, and a traditional knife, making for a handy blade for use both in the outdoors and around the city.

Milwaukee Demolition Work Gloves

Milwaukee Tool's redesigned work gloves now come with capacitive knuckles that you can use to interact with touchscreen displays, so you can easily tap and swipe on your tablet while in the middle of a job.

Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Tool Bag

When you want to carry a small amount of tools without looking like you're a contractor on the way to a jobsite, leave the toolbox in the garage in favor of this stylish, durable, and waterproof canvas bag.

Fiskars IsoCore General-Use Hammer

Fiskar's versatile general-use hammer uses the company's patented IsoCore system, which absorbs most of the shock and vibration generated during strikes, reducing the amount of punishment that makes its way to your body by 400 percent.

Arcteryx Fission Gore-Tex Gloves

Constructed from a mix of different materials, Arcteryx's winter gloves boast an engineered shape that fits your hands and lets them move naturally, allowing you to work with your hands while keeping things dry and toasty underneath.

Survco Credit Card Axe

This card-sized survival tool fits comfortably with other cards in your wallet, while easily attaching to any length of wood to turn it into a functional hatchet for carrying out chopping, cutting, and other axe-weilding duties.

Beard Bro Shaping Tool

This simple but utterly clever tool helps to shape your beard during shaving, making it easier to create a crisp and clean edge whether on the cheeks or on the neckline, all while pulling double-duty as a handy comb.

Sneakers Workwear Flexi Tool Bag

For any job bigger than general household repairs, you might want to ditch the compact toolbox for this open-top container, which can secure a generous amount of tools, while strapping to your back for convenient portability.

Bevel Trimmer

Billed as an evolved version of the classic hair clipper, this barbershop tool combines serious cutting power, minimal vibration, adjustable cutting depth, and a fluid-repellent blade that makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Furnace Industries Kronos Ice Axe

This heavy-duty ice-climbing tool ditches the usual steel and carbon fiber construction in favor of high-density wood for the handle, allowing it to dampen the impact every time you strike ice and put less stress on your hands and arms.

Readyman Wilderness Survival Card

Sized to fit in a card pouch on your wallet, Readyman's handy survival card comes with a generous selection of tools that you can use to fish, hunt, and perform basic survival activities while spending days out in the wild.

Horse EDC Utility Tool

Drawing inspiration from a traditional Japanese utility knife called kiridashi, this thumb-sized tool is small enough to hang on a key fob, all while being useful enough for a whole host of cutting, prying, and scraping duties.

Tropical Teak Toolbox

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a plastic toolbox. However, there's also absolutely something special about this hand-crafted wooden toolbox that makes it so much better for carrying your handyman repair tools