Blue Ridge Overland Tool Bag

It's not your usual tool bag. With its compact size and handy organizational function, however, Blue Ridge's awesome tool bag just might work out a whole lot better, regardless of whatever task you're doing.

Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk

Thanks to a skeleton head, this 14-inch tomahawk weighs just under a pound, all while chopping logs, cutting rope, and cracking zombie skulls when the inevitable apocalypse happens with the best of them.

Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll

Carrying tools in a box is fine if you’re driving a car. On a motorcycle, however, not so much. Velomacchi's compact tool roll, which mounts on any seat or tail fairing, will make for a much better alternative.

Woodman’s Pal Machete

Originally issued to American soldiers who fought in the Pacific Theater during World War II, this badass axe and machete hybrid remains incredibly handy in the backcountry even in our modern times.

Wolf Watch Repair Tool Kit

All watches need to be serviced periodically. If you own enough timepieces, running to the shop for every minor issue can be a hassle. Why not fix it at home with this repair kit from German outfit, Wolf?

Kootek Tactical Flashlight

A versatile three-in-one, this tool combines a flashlight, a 3.5-inch knife, and an attack hammer, keeping you well-equipped to deal with a whole host of hazards, whether at work, around town, or in the wild outdoors.

Shinola x Leatherman Multi-Tool

We’re big fans of the Leatherman Charge AL, one of the outfit's most popular multi-tools. Shinola takes that and turns it into something even better, adding new tools and more premium styling to the mix.

Fenix 15th Anniversary Edition Flashlight

Fenix marks their one and a half decade in business with this gold-plated and ornately-etched limited edition keychain light, which brings more premium looks and styling than your typical EDC torch.

ViperSharp Knife Sharpener

Designed to take all the guesswork out of sharpening knives, this tool can clamp down your blade in place at any angle, letting you hone it with pinpoint precision using the accompanying grind stone and guide rod.

Stihl MS 261 C-MQ Chainsaw

Stihl's newest chainsaw can cut through the thickest lumber like a stick of butter, all while boasting better efficiency, lower emissions, and lesser maintenance, making it a great tool for lumberjacks, landscapers, and serial killers alike.

WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table

A well-equipped workshop table, this rig can handle up to 300 pounds of load, transform into a saw horse that handles up to 1,000 pounds, and fold flat into a compact bundle for easy storage when not in use.

Victorinox Swiss Army NailClip 580

As awesome as your multi-tool is, nothing there helps you clip dirty fingernails when you need to clean up in a jiffy, like when the boss sends you to a client or a hot girl invites you for drinks after work. This one does.

Topeak Ninja P Mini-Pump

A stealthy maintenance tool, Topeak's mini-pump is designed to hide inside your seat post, giving you an easy way to stiffen up your bike tires without ruining your two-wheel steed's clean lines or adding all that much weight.

Craftsman 4V Slide Screwdriver

Equipped with a rotating cartridge, Craftsman's power drill lets you quickly switch among six bits on tap, making swapping bits that you keep in your pocket during handyman work a thing of the past.

Nitecore Tip Flashlight

Remember when keychain flashlights got you 15 lumens and you were happy? That won’t be the case once you've tried Nitecore's latest thumb-sized torch, which blasts out a whopping 360 lumens up to 200 feet.

Amsler Hurricane Razor Knife

Amsler's utility knife comes with a handle 2.5 times longer than its blade, allowing you to dole out super-precise cuts, whether you're doing leatherwork, tinkering with electronics, or doing emergency medical work in the mountains.

Blackburn Chamber HV Floor Pump

Unlike traditional bike pumps that go up to 100 PSI and higher, this compact floor pump designed for mountain bikes limits itself to 50 PSI, all while blowing high volumes of air to fill up your tires in a jiffy.

Rigid Design Hex 1.0 Titanium

Measuring less than an inch long, this tiny but handy tool from Rigid Design lets you keep a functional hex driver right on your key ring, ready to deploy when an emergency tightening or loosening job comes up.