Civilware Pointer Folding Knife

This friction folder prides itself in simplicity and minimalism, embracing an old-school design inspired by the original folding knives while sporting an ultra-tough build to ensure it performs in the field.

Readyman Medic Survival Card

If you're putting together a medical kit for use during emergencies, whether at home or in the outdoors, you might want to consider adding Readyman's compact survival tool set to the pile.

Trusco Deluxe Cantilever Toolbox

Classics never die. When it comes to toolboxes, there are few more classic than Trusco's 1947 original, which has remained a staple in workshops, garages, and handyman gear stashes many decades since.

Off the Grid Jurassic Croc Micro-Tool

Clad in the likeness of a prehistoric hybrid between a T-Rex and a giant crocodile, Off-the-Grid's custom multi-tool lets you tear packages , open beer bottles, and pry bubblegum under the desk Jurassic-style.

Rexford Knives RUT TAD Edition

This exclusive version of the Rexford Utility Tool gives the compact multi-tool a more tactical aesthetic, all while retaining the design, construction, and convenience that made it so popular.

Sparrow Gear Hunter’s Hatchet

Designed as a handy hunting companion, this small and lightweight axe can hang on your belt loop, while being suitably equipped to dress animals, quarter their meat, and perform all-around blade duties at camp.

RMJ Tactical URIB Emergency Tool

A custom-designed rescue tool, this blade's curved spine enables firefighters (and anyone else, really) to quickly cut off jammed seatbelts, thick ropes, and other bindings with zero risk of cuts.

Griffin Pocket Tool XL

Yes, we like our multi-tools small, too, but this bigger version of the Griffin Pocket Tool adds four extra tools, all while providing a better grip for improved function in the field, so we don't really mind the extra size.

OTTO Bicycle Derailleur Tuning System

Like your own private bike mechanic, OTTO's clever tuning system will evaluate your rear derailleur's shifting alignment using an iPhone app and give you step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.

MSK-1 Survival Knife

Whether for getting firewood, skinning game, or building shelters, a survival knife can help you every step of the way. This one goes a step further by packing a complete survival kit in the handle.

Filzer Buckster Bow Saw

Borrowing its design from a once-popular camp saw, Filzer's version of the camping staple reinforces the classic design with a lightweight frame, stiffer tensioning, and a grippy handle for all-day cutting comfort.

CRKT Homefront Folding Knife

Ever wished you can take apart your folding knife for cleaning without any tools? Someone at CRKT probably did, because their latest pocket blade can disassemble tool-free in just a few seconds.

Gerber Moment Kit II

Putting down your game is only one-half of the work. Field dressing your animal is a whole other story. Gerber's knife-and-saw kit is designed to help you do that with utmost efficiency.

Fiskars Machete Axe

Fiskar's unique machete comes with a large axe head on the tip, allowing you to use it to clear thick bushes and branches, while cutting and splitting thick logs with the same ease as a two-handed axe.

Craftsman Extreme Grip Flex Claw Hammer

Does the world need a better hammer? Probably not. Does the world need a hammer that also doubles as an adjustable pry bar and a magnetic nail starter? Probably not, but you have to admit, you probably want one.

Molle Morgan Tool Roll

Yes, you can carry your emergency repair tools on a toolbox. If DIY handyman isn't quite the look you're going for, Molle's leather-and-canvas tool roll should offer an equally handy but more sartorially acceptable alternative.