Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

Bowers & Wilkins finally brought their blimp-inspired loudspeaker into the modern times, removing the Lightning dock and adding wireless support for the most common streaming standards, all while fitting in five audio drivers with dedicated class-D amps for a really big sound.

Chamber Multi-Tool

With 13 essential bike tools and a clever design that enables maximum leverage during repair jobs, this tiny multi-tool is the perfect companion for daily bike commutes around town.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

Yes, it looks like a geometric alien life form, but B&O's 90th anniversary model is actually an 18-driver speaker with 18 amplifiers pumping out 8,200 watts. So, yeah, it might as well be a geometric alien life form.

Adidas Boost Urban Hiker

Adidas takes the classic hiker boot, then dresses it with a dose of urban style and technical innovation, turning up a shoe that wears and performs well, whether you're in a secluded mountain, a rugged backcountry, or a busy metropolis.

Microsoft Surface Book

Billed as "the ultimate laptop," this 13.5-incher boasts maxed-out guts, discrete Nvidia graphics, and a unique hinge that allows it to function as a mobile tablet by detaching the display and as a drawing tablet by reattaching the same display backwards.

Igloo Party Bar

The ultimate outdoor party tub, this fully-insulated cooler comes with room for up to 220 cans of beer, 360-degree LED lighting on the interior for nighttime visibility, and a base with casters for easy mobility.

Ventra Backpack Mainframe

Being active while wearing a backpack for any length of time usually means ending up with a whole load of sweat on your back. This clever accessory changes that by putting a small amount of distance between your back and the bag to enable proper ventilation.

Bose SoundTouch 10 Speaker

The smallest speaker in Bose's SoundTouch line, it brings big sound in a compact and affordable package, making it ideal for filling smaller rooms with your favorite current hits, timeless classics, and guilty listening pleasures.

Light & Motion Urban 850 Trail Bike Light

Illuminate your mountain biking trail with this lightweight and compact 850-lumen lamp, which promises both a wide coverage area and a beam pattern that will help maximize your depth perception throughout the ride.

Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet

This veritable multi-tool of ski helmets crams a 4K action cam, headphones, a helmet-to-helmet communications system, a GPS radio, sports tracking sensors, and even a torch light into your winter sports skull protection.

Yamaha RX-S601 AV Receiver

Built for smaller, space-starved homes, this slimmed-down AV receiver can organize your home theater with its extensive connectivity, Airplay support, and multi-room audio capabilities.

Sonos Play:5 Speaker

Chances are, your music never sounded as good as it will in this compact speaker that houses six drivers with dedicated amps, three mid-woofers, and three tweeters, with the ability to dynamically adjust its sound profile based on the layout of the room and its position inside it.

Google Chromecast & Chromecast Audio

Since its first release in 2013, Google's Chromecast has offered the most affordable way to bring video streaming to the living room TV. Now, it could be the most affordable way to stream music to your speakers, too.

LG Gram Series Laptops

Want a Macbook Air, can't leave the Windows ecosystem? I hear your pain. How about a Macbook Air knockoff that runs Windows 10 with an even better display? Yeah, LG's got you covered.

Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote

Remember when we'd come home, plop on the couch, and reach for the remote? Yeah, I reach for my smartphone now, too. Could this smart home-friendly universal remote make us change our minds?

Revo SuperSystem

Embracing the styling of classic radios of old, the Revo Supersystem combines elegant design with modern conveniences. If you want a single music system that can do it all in style, this just might be the perfect fit for that empty spot in your media cabinet.

The Flatiron Watch Box

A man takes care of his prized possessions. As such, a small but beloved collection of watches probably deserve better than to be lying around on top of a side table with keys, coins, and a dirty Swiss Army Knife.