Silca Seat Roll

This seat roll has a trio of pockets for essential bike tools, waxed duck canvas construction to repel water, and a design that allows it to secure under the saddle without brushing onto your trousers or scratching on the seatpost.

Discommon Goods Bottle Opener

If you’re the kind of guy who takes pride in the type of beer you chug to get plastered, we guess you’d care enough to get a bottle opener you can take pride in, too. This elaborately-designed, sculpture-like bottle opener may be what your mini-bar has been missing all this time.

Kenyon Revolution Grill

Char your steaks indoors when unfavorable weather arrives with Kenyon's electric grill, which comes with a 155-square inch cooking area, so you can make enough burgers to feed a hungry group of six (or more) in just a single batch.

This Is Ground Voyager Duffel

Because nobody goes anywhere without their tech toys these days, This Is Ground's weekender bag ships with an integrated Karma Go LTE hotspot, along with an exterior zippered pocket that's designed to hold all your gadgets in an organized manner.

Blackberry Priv

Blackberry's new smartphone may feel like a last-ditch stand, but with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a curved screen, and a security-enhanced version of Android, it may very well end up being the Hail Mary play that turns things around for the outfit's struggling smartphone business.

Garmin Forerunner 630 Running Watch

Garmin's flagship running watch goes beyond typical fitness tracking by monitoring advanced running dynamics and physiological data, enabling it to build even clearer metrics not only for reviewing your performance, but predicting it.

Frontier Plus Portable Stove

Camping in the winter? If you like to stay as toasty as possible, you can’t beat having a stove warming up the space inside the tent. This portable and packable wood-burning stove can provide that and more.

Instagate Tailgating Kit

Tailgating is fun. It's also a bit of work, having to clean the cooler, ready the grill, pack up the tables, and collect a whole load of supplies. Instagate simplifies things by putting them all in a $40 kit you can dump in the boot of the car.

Edward Field Wallet

This wallet replaces the checkbook pouch with an iPhone-sized micro-suction foam. That way, you can attach your mobile device onto the inside of your wallet, allowing you to keep two daily essentials in a single pocket.

Wide Path Camper

Lowering the barrier to outdoor living, this camper trailer weighs just 100 pounds, allowing it to be towed on a small bicycle, all while seating up to four people and sleeping up to two. Just don't climb steep hills and you should be fine.

Hook & Albert 3-Way Carryall

Three-way bags generally compromise style in favor of utility, with multiple loops and straps making for less-than-favorable sights. Not this bag, though, which manages to traverse all three functions with style and poise to spare.

HTC One A9

It's not an iPhone, but HTC's latest definitely looks like one. While you probably won't be interested in an iPhone lookalike, the top-shelf specs, hard-to-match audio talents, and very reasonable price definitely makes it a prime contender for your next smartphone upgrade.

Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack

Your gear deserves to be protected from the downpours of wet season, just as much as you cover your body to battle the rain and the cold. This 20-liter backpack is equipped to do just that, all while adding a casual style to your rainy day outfits.

Travelteq Double Briefcase All-Leather

Twice the size of a standard briefcase, this bag comes with two main compartments: one for your work gear and another one for anything else you need, whether it's a change of clothes, a big pile of documents, or an extra coat to keep you ready for the rainy days of fall.

Mophie Juice Pack For Galaxy Note 5

Yes, having a smaller battery and no SD card makes the Galaxy Note 5 a questionable upgrade from its predecessor. If you've already jumped the shark and found the battery woes valid, though, you might as well extend its potency with one of Mophie's battery-equipped cases.