Seagull Nightshift V2 Backpack

Multiple straps on the front and sides of Seagull's "shape-shifting" backpack allow you to load it with everything from tripods to sleeping bags to large boxes you'd rather carry on your back.

Yamaha R-N602 Stereo Receiver

Yamaha's newest stereo receiver doubles as a wireless network audio player, allowing you to stream all your music sources to every room at the house without being bogged down by a massive amount of wires.

Lexdray Boulder Pack

This limited edition bag comes with thoughtfully-designed compartments that maximize the bag's sporty profile, giving you plenty of space to carry and organize all your gear, whether in the city or on the trail.

Keychain Duct Tape

Instead of carrying an entire roll of duct tape as part of your EDC gear, you can use this keychain fob to keep a small supply on hand, allowing you easy-access to the versatile repair tool, without having to put up with uncomfortable bulk.

Joey Roth Steel Speaker

It might look like a high-design desktop toy, but this unusual contraption from Joey Roth is an actual loudspeaker that uses a wooden ball at the bottom to diffuse the sound evenly around a 360-degree angle.

Nava Design Milano Briefcase

Nava Design's simple and elegant briefcase brings an essential style that will match every dapper business attire with equal aplomb, all while packing enough slots to accommodate every gear you need to get any deal done.

Tropical Teak Toolbox

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a plastic toolbox. However, there's also absolutely something special about this hand-crafted wooden toolbox that makes it so much better for carrying your handyman repair tools

Leff Brick Flip Clock

Whether set down on a table or mounted up a wall, this brick-shaped clock's retro mechanism and crafted enclosure bring a unique style that lends an air of vintage charm to any room.

Redland London Pantone Bags

Sometimes, a different color is all you need to make an accessory stand out. Different is exactly what Redland London brings with the bags in their latest collection, which come decked in vibrant and attention-grabbing pantone colors.

Rapha Pro Team Thermal Aerosuit

Navigate the roads during the cold days of winter in Rapha's latest cold weather cycling suit, which combines weather-resistant technical materials with high levels of aerodynamic performance.

Audio Technica QuietPoint Headphones

Designed for use during travel, Audio Technica's compact in-ear headphones feature a potent noise-canceling tech that allows it to mute up to 90 percent of ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy quiet moments even in the busiest environments.

JBL Everest Elite 700

JBL's new headphones combine its noise-canceling tech with the ability to control the amount of ambient noise you let in, allowing you to retain awareness of the surroundings even while immersed in your favorite tunes.

Twelve South ParcSlope For iPad And MacBook Pro

This minimalist stand is designed to hold both MacBooks and iPad Pros at an 18-degree angle, putting them at an ideal tilt, whether you're scrolling through your inbox, writing a report, or sketching a design using the Apple Pencil.

Fenix BC30R Bike Light

This 1600-lumen bike light comes with an integrated OLED display that gives you a real-time reading of the battery's remaining run time, so you know exactly when you can turn up the brightness and when you need to start conserving.

ASICS Metarun Shoes

Aimed at distance runners of all levels, ASICS' latest shoe boasts patented technologies that allow it to adapt and contour to a runner's individual style, ensuring they provide a responsive experience from the starting point up to the finish line.

Urbanears Sumpan Earphones

These $29 ear buds aren't likely to mimic the performance of your favorite $500 cans, but they should sound better than the stock ones that come with your phone, all while packing stylish looks and a host of handy features.

Audioengine HD6 Speakers

Retro aesthetics, easy-to-use design, and Audioengine's signature sound come together in the outfit's latest flagship speakers, which continues the bang-for-your-buck tradition that has made them an audiophile-on-a-budget favorite over the last decade.