Flying Tent

No, it doesn't actually soar to the skies or hover in air. With the ability to serve as a bivy tent, a suspended tent, a hammock, or a rain poncho, however, this lightweight tent's versatile talents make it interesting all the same.

Nemo Apollo 3P Bikepacking Tent

Built specifically backpackers on bikes, Nemo's floorless pyramid tent can fit a sleeping bag, a large backpack, and your bicycle inside, all while packing into a compact bundle that weighs a mere two pounds.

Stanley Adventure Percolator

It's neither the most efficient nor the most delicious way to brew your coffee. If you're slumming it in the wild, though, Stanley's old-school percolator still may be your best bet for keeping the entire crew caffeinated for the day ahead.

Olympus TG-870 Tough Digital Camera

Sure, you can use your phone to film outdoor adventures, so long as you don't drop it on rocks, get it wet, or slam it during a crash. Yeah, not happening. Use this waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof point-and-shoot instead.

FireWater Multi-Bottle

During daylight, you can use this water bottle to stay hydrated while cycling, hiking, or doing chores around camp. When night falls, LEDs cleverly integrated on the cap transform it into a functional lamp for lighting your way in the dark.

Vasque Inhaler II Hiking Boots

Every part of your body aches to breathe during the hot summer weather. Even your feet. If you're going to hike when the mercury rises, let Vasque's most breathable hiking boots give your feet the comfort they deserve.

EvenFlip Camping Cook Stick

Skewering food on a piece of stick and holding it over the campfire is fine for hotdogs and marshmallows. For other food, you'll need a better tool to ensure the entire thing cooks evenly. This stick should do the trick.

Tepui Expedition Series Gear Container

Designed for those times you need to haul copious amounts of gear, Tepui's trunk-like bag keeps enough room for 120 liters of storage while protecting its contents with a shell that shrugs off abrasion, water, and heat up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stanley Adventure Cooler 30

Stanley's generously-sized cooler for outdoor adventures can fit up to 40 cans of beer and keep them chilled for up to four days, ensuring you're sufficiently stocked with ice cold supplies wherever you are.

Sierra Madre Nube 2.0 Hammock Shelter

Turn an erstwhile camping hammock into a full-featured shelter with the updated version of Sierra Madre's Nube, which boasts better materials, increased durability, and a bigger room to keep you comfortable in the wild.

Zerogram PCT UL 2 Tent

Zerogram's roomy and airy two-person backpacking tent embraces the company's "lighter and faster" mantra, weighing in at a mere three pounds while setting up and taking down in just under five minutes.

Blue Seventy Thermal Helix Wetsuit

Blue Seventy transforms their popular Helix wetsuit into a cold weather swimming garment, retaining the anatomical patterning for excellent bouyancy and flex, while reinforcing it with zirconium jersey lining for better thermal performance.

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

Paired with the outfit's solar panel, Goal Zero's camping lantern can charge in the sun in as little as four hours, all while being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and bright enough to keep things well-lit at camp.

Topo Designs Mountain Daypack

Blending the right combination of size, function, and good looks, Topo Designs mountaineering bag is fully-capable of accompanying your outdoor adventures, while looking good enough to feel at home around the city.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

Make your life at camp just a little easier with Gerber's Camp Saw, which combines a unique folding design that enables easy transport with four pivot points for cutting through wood with the same ease as your regular hand saw at home.

Biolite Powerlight Mini

This pocket-sized lighting tool combines four white LEDs with three red LEDs, giving it the ability to serve as both a camp lantern and a bicycle tail light, while a USB charging slot allows it to charge your phone during emergencies.

State Bicycle Co. Pulsar Mountain Bike

Built for lifelong urban riders who want to get their first taste of mountain biking, State Bicycle’s newest single-speed 29er incorporates familiar commuter elements into a backwoods-capable, pedal-powered steed.

ThermalTech Solar-Powered Jacket

This cold weather jacket uses an innovative fabric that incorporates stainless steel fibers, allowing it to absorb light and turn it into 18-degrees of heat to keep your body toasty without all the puffy bulk.