Yeti Rambler Lowball

The perfect drinking vessel for a nightcap of bourbon on the rocks, Yeti's 10-oz cup won't sweat, leave rings on the bedside table, or shatter when you get too drunk that you end up knocking it down the floor.

The Bond Boot

As seen gracing the feet of James Bond in the upcoming Spectre film, Danner’s black Mountain Light II boasts extreme durability, stability, and shock absorption, all while sporting a sleek and slender fit.

Cotopaxi Techo 3 Tent

Cotopaxi's three-season, three-person tent uses extended sidewalls that allow its occupants to stretch out, all while packing into a lightweight and compact size that makes it easy to carry during your camping adventures in the remaining days of fall.

Steven Alan x Spiewak N3B Parka

Winter coats don't have it easy. They need to keep you warm, stand up to inclement weather, and have the versatility to stylishly layer over all of your winter outfits. It's a tough job, but this parka can handily do it.

Kenyon Revolution Grill

Char your steaks indoors when unfavorable weather arrives with Kenyon's electric grill, which comes with a 155-square inch cooking area, so you can make enough burgers to feed a hungry group of six (or more) in just a single batch.

Frontier Plus Portable Stove

Camping in the winter? If you like to stay as toasty as possible, you can’t beat having a stove warming up the space inside the tent. This portable and packable wood-burning stove can provide that and more.

Instagate Tailgating Kit

Tailgating is fun. It's also a bit of work, having to clean the cooler, ready the grill, pack up the tables, and collect a whole load of supplies. Instagate simplifies things by putting them all in a $40 kit you can dump in the boot of the car.

Wide Path Camper

Lowering the barrier to outdoor living, this camper trailer weighs just 100 pounds, allowing it to be towed on a small bicycle, all while seating up to four people and sleeping up to two. Just don't climb steep hills and you should be fine.

Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack

Your gear deserves to be protected from the downpours of wet season, just as much as you cover your body to battle the rain and the cold. This 20-liter backpack is equipped to do just that, all while adding a casual style to your rainy day outfits.

Chamber Multi-Tool

With 13 essential bike tools and a clever design that enables maximum leverage during repair jobs, this tiny multi-tool is the perfect companion for daily bike commutes around town.

Adidas Boost Urban Hiker

Adidas takes the classic hiker boot, then dresses it with a dose of urban style and technical innovation, turning up a shoe that wears and performs well, whether you're in a secluded mountain, a rugged backcountry, or a busy metropolis.

Ventra Backpack Mainframe

Being active while wearing a backpack for any length of time usually means ending up with a whole load of sweat on your back. This clever accessory changes that by putting a small amount of distance between your back and the bag to enable proper ventilation.

Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet

This veritable multi-tool of ski helmets crams a 4K action cam, headphones, a helmet-to-helmet communications system, a GPS radio, sports tracking sensors, and even a torch light into your winter sports skull protection.

ESEE Junglas Dark Earth

A good survival knife can be the most important tool in your arsenal when you're roughing it in the great outdoors. From splitting wood to cutting rope to skinning game, this 16.5-inch survival knife can do it all.

Filson Jac-Shirt

When the weather's starting to get cold, but not too cold, and a thick coat is just too much fabric to put up with, this shirt-jacket hybrid is the warm outer layer you need to rely on.