GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro Rocker Chair GCI takes their popular camp chair and adds a pair of spring-loaded legs that allow it to smoothly rock you back-and-forth for a more relaxing time.

A great camping chair can change the way you experience the outdoors. Having that comfortable seat you can plop down on to rest your weary legs can change your perspective on things, especially when the going gets tough. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even go for one of those spring-loaded camp chairs that lets you bring the back-and-forth motion of rockers to the dirty and grimy outdoors. That’s exactly what you get with the GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro Rocker Chair.

A rocker version of the outfit’s popular camp chair, it’s designed to smoothly rock you while you chill on its seat, sending you back to the days of falling asleep while curled in your grandpa’s rocking chair whenever you come over to visit. It’s relaxing, comforting, and probably enough to wash a good amount of stress away, making it the perfect thing to have waiting for you at camp after a long frustrating day of not catching any fish, not finding any deer, or failing to climb the same rock three days in a row. Or something.

The GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro Rocker Chair is an erstwhile standard camp chair that can collapse to a portable size of 44.1 x 6.3 x 7.3 inches (height x width x depth), making it easy enough to bring along even when you’re going on foot. It has an integrated strap, too, so there’s no need to stash it in a separate bag or pouch in order to carry it over your shoulder, eliminating the need for another accessory that, let’s be honest, you will probably lose at some point.

When deployed, it looks like a standard camp chair, too, with a wide seat that lets you plop down comfortably, along with a shoulder-height backrest and arm rests, so you can really sink in your seat. It uses a similar powder-coated steel frame as the standard Comfort Pro, so it can support occupants up to 250 pounds with ease, albeit with six legs that enable the chair’s rocking function.

The GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro Rocker Chair has two spring-loaded legs in the back that prompt the rocking motion, while the middle legs travel along a fixed rail to support your weight while it shifts back and forth. According to the outfit, it will deliver smooth rocking action on, pretty much, any surface, although you’ll still want to set it in a place that’s as even as possible to ensure proper function, since there’s some sliding action that will take place while you’re rocking.

Like any proper camp chair, it has a cup holder on the right arm rest, giving you a place to stash your water bottle while you ruminate about the day’s events, while a phone holder on the left arm rest gives you a handy place to set down your phone. Other features a nylon mesh in the backrest, so you don’t sweat while you’re sitting, and a total weight of 11 pounds.

The GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro Rocker Chair is available now, priced at $65.

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