Garrett Wade Leather Pocket Knife Tool Roll Ever found the need to carry five pocket knives when leaving the house? Just in case you do, this mini-tool roll has you covered.


Why would you need to carry five pocket knives? We don’t know. If you ever found the inkling to leave the house with five of your favorite folders in tow, Garrett Wade’s got you covered with the Leather Pocket Knife Tool Roll.

An alternative to EDC pouches, it lets you carry a quintet of pocket knives in a compact roll that you can carry in hand or slip on the side pouch of a backpack. It’s generously sized, too, with enough room to accommodate knives with thick scales and multiple blades. And, yes, you can use it to carry any similarly-sized gear, from pocket multi-tools and flashlights to lighters and USB dongles.


The Garrett Wade Leather Pocket Knife Tool Roll comes with five individual pockets of slightly varying widths lined up along a 14.4-inch roll.  Each one is designed to keep its contents isolated, ensuring they won’t end up brushing against each other, with a split hide flap laying over the array of pockets for added protection. An integrated leather strap with a snap button allows you to lock the roll in place. When rolled up, it measures a compact 6 x 3.25 inches (length x diameter), so while you can’t quite squeeze into your pants pocket, it should slide right into most bag pouches.


Available now, the Garrett Wade Leather Pocket Knife Tool Roll is priced at $79.95.

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