Garmin MARQ Commander Billed as a “modern tool watch,” Garmin's tactical GPS device is the kind of timepiece every modern action hero deserves.


As big a fan as we are of tool watches, you have to admit, traditional tool watches just aren’t as useful as they used to be, with digital alternatives able to do way more than their analog counterparts. Take, for instance, the Garmin MARQ Commander, a GPS timepiece that’s designed for serious tactical function.

Billed as a “modern tool watch,” the device combines standard GPS watch function with smart features and tactical elements, making it the kind of timepiece action heroes will want on their wrist. Granted, we don’t actually know any secret agents, high-level mercenaries, or vigilante superheroes to test out that theory, but wouldn’t you want to slip this thing on your wrist if you were one?


The Garmin MARQ Commander is equipped with dual-format GPS coordinates, giving it the ability to display the military grid reference system, as well as built-in topographical maps to help you navigate your way in the most exotic locations around the world. Suffice to say, if you want proper situational awareness, this thing can do a whole lot to help. Like all modern GPS watches, it records training metrics, so you can use it to monitor all your physical activities. Going a step further, though, it integrates a heart rate sensorm altimeter, barometer, and Pulse Ox sensor, allowing you to monitor more complex metrics, including stress scores, oxygen levels, and more. Seriously, if you want detailed stats of your action hero performance in the field, this thing will make for quite the handy reference.

Since they’re marketing it for the tactical crowd (or the wannabe action heroes among us anyway), it gets a smattering of tactical functions. A kill switch, for instance, allows you to delete the watch’s memory at the push of a button, immediately removing any footprint of your current operation, while a stealth mode stops sharing your GPS position and disables wireless connectivity. There’s also the unique Jumpmaster feature that allows you to plan a range of airborne actions for those times you’re parachuting discreetly to hostile territory. The display is also compatible with night vision goggles, making it perfectly functional for the most tactical operations.


The Garmin MARQ Commander has a 46mm matte DLC-coated titanium case, with a curved sapphire crystal that eliminates reflections and knurled buttons that can be operated even with gloves on. You get all your information on a sunlight-readable, full-color MIP display that measures 1.2 inches, with 240 x 240 pixels of resolution. The case, by the way, is rated at up to 10 ATM of water resistance, so you can swim a fair bit with this thing, in case you find yourself stranded in the water. With the GPS turned on, the watch battery can last for up to 28 hours.


It has all the usual features found on Garmin’s GPS watches. These include smart notifications, music apps (with 32GB of onboard storage), ski maps (just in case you need to make an escape in the snow), and full-color maps for over 41,000 golf courses because action heroes need to unwind, too.

Available in a variety of colors, the Garmin MARQ Commander is priced at $1,950.

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