Garmin Dashcam 35 More than a footage recorder, Garmin's latest dash cam comes with GPS, a 3-inch display, and an alert system that warns you of various dangers on the road.


There’s nothing wrong with buying a cheap dash cam that records half-decent video. It’s not like you’re filming a movie or a TV show with it, after all. If you prefer your in-car gadgets to do more than its fair share of function, though, then ditch that bargain bin camera and pick up the Garmin Dashcam 35.

Like all cameras designed to mount on the dashboard, it records road footage onto microSD cards, giving you a visual record of everything that happens during a drive. Instead of half-decent footage, though, it captures in either 720p or full HD, so all your clips should be clear and perfectly-identifiable, ensuring you’ll have all the proof you need to convince the civil court that you did not run onto that street post and that it actually fell on your car. Good luck with that.


The Garmin Dashcam 35 comes with an incident detection sensor that automatically isolates and saves all footage during any collisions and incidents, so you can easily retrieve them without having to go through a couple hours of tape. All clips come with a record of altitude, longitude, date, time, speed and direction of travel (it has an onboard GPS), so you’ll know the exact time and place that any incident occurs. It even comes with a 3-inch display, so you can review footage right on the spot, as well as driver awareness warnings that will alert you of red lights, speed cameras, and when you’re driving too close to a car in front.

Now available for preorder, the Garmin Dash Cam 35 is priced at $199.99.