Four-Wheel Woolrich Slide-In Camper This camper slides into the bed of your pickup truck and transforms it into an instant motorhome.


Turning the bed of a pickup into a livable camper sounds like a tough proposition. That, however, is exactly what Four Wheel Campers manage to do with the Woolrich Slide-In Camper, a smartly-appointed living space that turns an erstwhile pickup truck into a viable motorhome.

Available in three models, the camper is designed to slide conveniently on the bed of a pickup truck, instantly giving it a functional living space. Just choose the exact one that will fit in your truck (the largest measures 59 inches tall and 80 inches wide) and you’re suddenly equipped with enough room to sleep up to four adults. Seriously.


The Woolrich Slide-In Camper is cut entirely in aluminum to minimize the weight, with insulated roofs and side walls to ensure you don’t freeze when spending the night inside. Standard layout includes a mini-kitchen out front (with fridge, stove and sink), two seating areas with storage sections underneath, a slide-out cabover bed, and a mini-bath with shower. Basic features include a 20-gallon fresh water tank with built-in heater, power vents on the roof, a 160-watt roof-mounted solar panel with 110V electric system, two propane tanks, and lighting (both inside and out), with options for built-in toilet, roof racks, and more.


Pricing for the Four-Wheel Woolrich Slide-In Camper starts at $36,595.

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