Foehn Brise Pants Combining elements designed for travel, hiking, and climbing, these pants offer maximum flexibility in you vagabond adventures.

Sometimes, you never know what life brings when you’re traveling. You could be visiting tourist landmarks in the morning only to find yourself climbing a cliff by midday before capping the day off drinking with locals and waking up the next day in a fishing village in the middle of nowhere. That’s what makes traveling fun. Of course, it’s best if you wear clothes that will make all that possible, which is what you get with the Foehn Brise Pants.

Billed as a pair of technical pants that “wear and function equally well in all environments,” it merges elements of pants designed for hiking, travel, and mountain climbing. What you get is a good-looking pair of trousers that will keep you looking spruce, all while keeping you comfortable through the endless walking that comes with travel and the occasional climbing that your adventurous spirit requires.

The Foehn Brise Pants is made from a technical Schoeller fabric that’s 37 percent bio-based and Bluesign-approved. Designed for sustainability, the fabric’s manufacturing is supposed to use 40 percent less energy and releases 56 percent fewer greenhouse gases, all while churning out a material that’s completely recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. It’s a stretch fabric, which makes it viable for climbing and heavy-duty hiking, all while providing a superior fit and unrestricted movement for everyday activities. To further improvement mobility, it also gets added articulation at the knees and a gusset at the crotch. Despite all the stretch, it actually retains excellent structure, making it refined enough for city wear, whether you’re traveling or back in the daily grind at home.

It’s mechanically-wicking, so it won’t get drenched from your sweat, while a DWR finish ensures it can shrug off most water and dirt that will come your way in your adventures. Yes, that includes all the coffee you’ll spill on it while dealing with a hangover, all the beer that get spilled on you at rowdy bars, and just the general grime of hanging at tourist hotspots. According to the outfit, it’s designed for wear in moderate temperatures, so it’s not the most ideal pants to put on during rainy days and winter season. For the rest of the year, though, it should keep you looking good and moving great.

The Foehn Brise Pants has a slim contemporary cut that tapers down to the ankles without being tight. Want to free up the ankles a bit to better accommodate the hiking boots you’re wearing for the day? Not a problem, as it comes with zippers at the ankle cuffs, so you can loosen it any time that’s necessary. It has the typical five-pocket layout, complete with a coin pocket on the right front side for small items, although they also added an engineered pocket on the right thigh, which is sized to hold a phone, a passport, or some other daily essential. That thigh pocket, by the way, is positioned to sit below a climbing harness, just in case you need to access it while doing your best Alex Honnold impression.

The Foehn Brise Pants is available now, priced at $129.95.

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