Fluidstance Slope Whiteboard Desk Accessory This desk accessory can serve as an organizer for your supplies, a stand for your phone, and a whiteboard for all your thoughts.

Some people like to doodle while they’re thinking. Others like to write down their thoughts to get a clearer picture of their ideas. Either way, both those groups of people probably keep a notebook somewhere on their desk. As good as brainstorming your thoughts on paper can be to fleshing out your ideas, fact is, it can be wasteful, especially if you’re the kind of guy who goes through a new notebook every week or so. It might be time to consider a reusable writing surface instead. You know, something like the Fluidstance Slope.

No, it doesn’t look your standard whiteboard. In fact, it looks more like a laptop stand or a desk organizer than a writing surface. And you can probably use it for both (as in, you can place your laptop or accessories on it). However, with its whole surface covered in a whiteboard coating, the darn thing gives you a place to jot down all your thoughts and ideas, which you can easily wipe down once your work is done for the day.

The Fluidstance Slope is designed to slot between your keyboard and your monitor, with a raised design that allows you to pass through any cables you need to run through the back of the desk. It has a sloped surface to give you a comfortable writing angle, whether you’re sitting comfortably on your chair or standing up to stretch your legs. The back of the accessory features a grooved section where you can keep your dry-erase markers and other writing instruments, all while also serving as a phone or tablet dock if you need it. The bottom part that touches your desk is covered in felt bumpers, so it won’t leave any nicks or scratches.

Construction is heavy-duty steel, by the way, so this should hold up to the ravages of the modern workplace. Yes, we mean all the pens that fly off accidentally and the coffee that you spill a couple times a day. The accessory includes a dry-erase pen with a built-in eraser.

The Fluidstance Slope is available now, priced at $59.

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