Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt A versatile shirt jacket, this 70s workwear-inspired piece can work as a heavy shirt, a light jacket, and a handsome mid-layer.


It might still be summer in your neck of the woods, but soon enough, shirt-jacket season will come along to make you want to put the tank tops back in the drawer. Those months, of course, will make the Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt one of the most useful pieces in your closet.

A versatile piece, you can use the garment as a light jacket for the chilly nights of fall, a rugged-looking mid-layer for the cold nights of winter, and even a heavy shirt for slightly breezy nights out on the beach this summer.  That means, you can use this all year round, on top of sporting a style that can complement a good load of outfits and styles.


The Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt has a design reminiscent of 70s workwear, giving it that classic look that works just as well in a dusty workshop at the edge of town as it does on a casual workplace in the middle of the business district. If you’ve ever seen one of those corduroy jackets from that era (yes, the kind your dad has kept for 40 years), then a single glance at this should remind you of those same aesthetics. That’s because it’s made from a close corduroy relative called Bedford Cloth, a lightweight and slim fabric that the outfit describes, as “softer than canvas” and “lighter than corduroy.” It’s also supposed to come with a unique broken-in feel that allows you to wear it comfortably from the first time you bring it home.

It has long sleeves like any proper shirt jacket, with the slim fabric making them easy to fold without creating bulk, ensuring it provides more convenient function than the corduroy jacket you stole from your dad five years ago. Seriously, this replicates the aesthetic so well, you may as well give back the jacket and save your dad some of the grief.


The Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt incorporates details from those vintage 70s workwear, such as a Western-inspired style, imprinted metal snap buttons, and dual chest flap pockets. It has a two-layer collar that exhibits both durability and heft, so it stays in place the whole time to keep the look intact, although it avoids the gigantic collars from some 70s outfits, so you don’t have to look like you walked out of a two-bit thrift store.


There’s a back pleat to give you extra range of motion while working with the shirt on, with the metal snap buttons running down throughout the front for closure. For storage, there’s an internal chest patch pocket for small items and two hand pocket, on top of the two chest flap pockets. It comes in a slim fit that the outfit describes as true-to-size, so make sure to pick one size up if you prefer a more relaxed fit for your shirt jackets.

Available in two colors (black and hickory), the Flint and Tinder Bedford Camp Shirt is priced at $168.

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