Fjorden Ergonomic Grip for iPhone This MagSafe accessory snaps onto the back of your iPhone, giving it an ergonomic grip with tactile camera controls.

The iPhone, along with other high-end smartphones, have, pretty much, taken the place of the old point-and-shoot camera. Which is not surprising, considering the quality of photos and videos that they can take nowadays. As such, we’re increasingly seeing devices that seek to bring the ergonomics of point-and-shoots to smartphones. In doing so, however, they usually end up making your phone too bulky to keep in your pocket. The Fjorden hopes to change that.

A slim camera grip for the iPhone, the device gives you an ergonomic grip that lets you securely hold your iPhone when using its camera, all while being slim enough that you can still keep your phone comfortably in your pocket. If you frequently use your iPhone as a camera and found it a struggle to hold it properly at times, this is exactly the kind of accessory you should consider getting.

The Fjorden measures just 0.39 inches thick, which does add a fair bit of thickness to Apple’s ultra-slim smartphone. At that size, however, it remains slim enough to comfortably keep in any pocket (yes, even those skinny jeans and tight chinos you insist on wearing), all while adding incredible utility to your smartphone photography arsenal. According to the outfit, attaching the grip to an iPhone 12 Pro gives you the same thickness as an Apple AirPods case, so if you’re comfortable putting that in your pocket, you should be able to keep this in a pocket as well with no hassle.

More than a mere grip, though, the accessory comes with physical controls for more tactile interactions with your camera. There’s a two-stage shutter button for triggering shots like a traditional camera, with a half-press activating focus and a full press completing the shot, as well as a customizable dial that you can use to quickly adjust any parameter of your choosing (you can only assign it one parameter at a time, though). You also get a multi-function button for triggering different shooting modes, as well as a lever for quickly switching between the iPhone’s different lenses and controlling the zoom.

The Fjorden comes with a companion app that’s been designed to take advantage of the grip’s specialized features, allowing you to quickly take pictures with just one hand. The app is full-featured, by the way, with complete controls for exposure, focusing, white balance, and all sorts of parameters, so you can use it as your primary camera app. In case you still prefer third-party offerings, it’s also compatible with some popular camera apps like ProCamera and Obscura, while still allowing you to use Moment’s M-Series lenses if you like using them in your photo and video work.

It’s a MagSafe accessory, by the way, so it should snap on and off your iPhone with very little effort. Aside from serving as a grip and tactile control, the accessory can also be used as a kickstand – just lift the thick part of the grip and use it to hold your phone at a variety of angles on a flat surface.  Do note, it uses a CR2430 coin battery to power the controls, with a fresh one good enough to last it for around 12 months.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Fjorden. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €119.

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