Five Great New Pants For Summer 2019 Sometimes, you just don't want to wear shorts, no matter how hot it is. These five new pants will be great for your adventures this summer.


Yes, we prefer lounging around in shorts during the summer, too. Many times, though, a pair of pants is just the more appropriate thing to slip on, sweltering temperatures notwithstanding. Problem is, finding a pair of trousers that strike the right balance between good looks and summertime comfort isn’t always easy. So we poked around recent releases for this summer and found these five pants we wouldn’t mind having available in the closet.

DUER Weightless Denim Beachcomber Pants

Still prefer rocking jeans in the middle of suntan lotion season? We get it, but we’d also advise keeping it as lightweight as possible. That’s exactly what DUER brings with the Beachcomber Pants, which is cut in what the outfit claims to be the lightest denim in the market, allowing it to tip the scales at a feather-light 6 ounces. It combines that lightweight build with a slim fit chinos silhouette, a slight drop crotch, and rolled cuffs to round out what looks to be one of the best pants to hit the shelves just in time for beach season.

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Everlane Performance Chino

Yes, we’ve seen plenty of performance chinos before, combining the traditional cotton with a hint of elastane to turn out a pair of pants that’s perfectly acceptable in the office, all while providing the four-way stretch required to let you stride up-and-down the Fire Exit stairs, stretch out your legs to grab something under the desk, and make a quick run to the corner deli to grab your favorite Philly cheesesteak for lunch. It’s sweat-wicking and quick-drying, too, making it perfect for summer wear, all while looking like an actual pair of chinos, so you don’t end up going to work wearing what looks like a baffling cross between joggers and work pants (which, let’s be honest, many pants in the performance chinos category fall under). Plus, it promises not to wrinkle as much as even the most technical pants in the category, so you don’t end up looking like a crumpled sack by the end of the workday.

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Faherty Marty Pants

With the uncomfortable heat coursing through the air, summer is all about dressing for comfort. And there are few pants more comfortable than those with drawstring waistbands. These pants pair that elasticated drawstring with a straight-leg chino style, so it should have a looser fit than the slimmer silhouettes you’ve been rocking in recent times, making it feel as comfy as the pair of pajamas you go to bed wearing every night. It has a look that should wear nicely with both loafers and flip-flops, too, allowing you to wear it for a day of shopping in the sweltering heat or an afternoon of day drinking at the beach.

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Rhone Commuter Slim Pants

Designed for those who spend their mornings on the daily commute, these pants bundle all the stretch and comfort necessary to keep you feeling great on the way to the office, whether you take the train, ride a bicycle, or cover the last mile on an electric longboard. Updated for 2019, it gets a slimmer cut in the knee and ankle for added style points, while a stay-put waistband ensures it never rides too low, so you’re always looking presentable when running into colleagues. It has two hand pockets, two back pockets, and a dedicated media pocket for your phone, giving you plenty of room to stash stuff to keep them within easy reach.

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Todd Snyder Reyn Spooner Sutton Chino

It’s not your ordinary chinos. Instead, this undeniably summer garment pairs the traditional material and silhouette with a colorful Tiki print, capturing a unique aesthetic that the outfit describes as the combo of “tropical spirit and East Coast prep.” Will you want to wear this to work? Probably not. For lounging around in the neighborhood, taking your dogs out to the park, or spending the day by the water, though, these things celebrate the summer quite like no other. They describe the silhouette as a “trimmed fit,” which we’re taking to mean a looser fit than standard Todd Snyder fare, so expect this to give your lower body a whole lot of room to breathe.

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