FitFighter Steelhose This resistance equipment uses fire hoses cut into short lengths and filled with steel shots between 5 to 50 pounds.

Dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells are great and all. If you’re working out at home, though, they might not be the most ideal equipment to keep around. That’s why, we use more home-friendly alternatives like resistance bands, suspension straps, and sand-filled bags. The FitFighter Steelhose offers another option for the current crop of home-bound gym rats.

A unique take on home gym equipment, the contraption uses fire hoses that have been cut into manageable sizes, filled with steel weights, and sealed on both ends. The result is resistance equipment that you can lift two-handed like a barbell, one-handed like a dumbbell, and even swing like a sledgehammer, opening up a wide range of exercises that you can use to change up your workouts.

The FitFighter are, basically, hoses cut into lengths from 18 to 36 inches at diameters of between 2 and 6 inches, with shorter ones serving as natural stand-ins for dumbbells and longer ones serving as functional replacements for barbells. Each hose is filled with solid steel shots between 5 to 50 pounds, so there should be enough resistance there to perform a whole load of exercises. Only downside is, you can’t really add up the weights since stacking two (or more) 50-pound hoses probably will probably be a little too tough to grip without one or more hoses accidentally slipping. According to the outfit, the weights can be safely lifted, swung, dragged, tossed, and even dropped, although we’d avoid doing the latter unless you’re willing to damage your home’s flooring (yes, regardless of how safe they say it is to do).

The hoses can be gripped around their perimeter the same way you wrap your hands around a barbell or a dumbbell, although each one also has strap handles on each end for a more secure end-to-end hammer-style grip. A hole on one end of each hose allows you to hook it to carabiners for integrating with other equipment like suspension straps, apart from being able to thread it with resistance bands to put on added weight during exercises.

The FitFighter is made from a coarse polyester fabric that, the outfit claims, is easy to grip but still gentle on your hands. According to the outfit, they feel a lot like heavy hose-shaped versions of stiff bean bags, rather than the rigid steel bars of traditional weights, so they can bend a little. Because it uses heavy steel shots, though, its contents won’t kink around like you’ve probably experienced when using sand-filled resistance equipment.

How good is this compared to traditional gym equipment? Because of their length, each hose should bear great rotational inertia properties, making them ideal for exercises that look to build strength and agility. They also spread the weight across a longer length, unlike barbells and dumbbells, increasing instability in each repetition to help build core strength, reduce joint strain, and improve grip strength. And since the exterior is made from fabric, you can simply wash it down with soap and water to clean up, too.

The FitFighter is available now, priced starting at $65 for a pair of 5-pound weights.

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