Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack Your gear deserves to be protected from the downpours of wet season, just as much as you cover your body to battle the rain and the cold.


Rainy weather doesn’t just mean dressing up to brave the cold and wet days ahead, but making sure any gear you carry is equally sheltered from being ravaged by a downpour. If you need a day pack or an everyday backpack that can handle all the water nature throws your way, the Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack definitely stands out as being up to the challenge.

Created in collaboration with Ortlieb Germany, it’s a fully-waterproof bag designed to keep everything in the main compartment bone dry, regardless of what happened during your day. Need to brave a heavy downpour to get to your car at the end of the block? Do it. Give your umbrella to a mom-and-daughter waiting for the rain to stop because the girl’s kinda cute. Yeah, you’re kinda spontaneous like that, but sure, make the sacrifice. Need to swim a crocodile-infested river and fight giant piranhas? Uhh… sure…?


The Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack comes with a 20-liter capacity, which should make it ideal for day trips and everyday gear, whether for school, work, or weekend play. To ensure no water penetrates, it’s made from PU-coated nylon, with zero-stitch welded construction and a roll top closure, so you can rest assured any Gremlins in your bag won’t multiply at any point in the day. Do note, only the main storage area is waterproof, so keep any sensitive stuff out of the zippered compartment in the exterior (which does have eyelets for quick release of any water that gets in). Features include an inner zippered pocket attachment for valuables, an inner elastic pocket sized to hold a tablet, and stability straps for both the chest and waist.


Available now, the Finisterre Waterproof Rucksack is priced at £135.