Filson x Danner Combat Hiker Danner's collaboration footwear with Filson takes their standard hiking boot design and decks it in a black-and-army-green colorway.

No, you don’t really wake up in the morning and think, “I think I’ll go to work today wearing combat boots.” Unless, of course, you’re in the military and actually wear one as part of your work outfit. Some folks, though, might make an exception for the Filson x Danner Combat Hiker.

Don’t worry, you won’t look like you’re about to wage war on your co-workers while wearing this thing. That’s because it’s actually a combo of combat footwear and erstwhile regular hiking boots, so it looks less like battlefield kicks and more like stylish hikers, making it a lot easier to wear with your everyday outfit ensembles.

The Filson x Danner Combat Hiker takes on a style similar to Danner’s hiking silhouettes, albeit in a colorway that’s reminiscent of combat boots. That means, it’s decked in a simple black and army green color combo, with the latter comprising the bulk of the upper material. It’s built with custom-made, smooth-surface leather that won’t block bullets or fend off wayward sharp objects in the battlefield, but should look extremely nice when paired with hiking pants or a nice pair of jeans. There’s also a Gore-Tex lining for waterproof protection, so it should spare you from the hassles of having soaked feet in the trail during rainy days.

A rubber rand wraps around the boot to protect it from cuts and abrasion, all while adding an extra layer for keeping water out. Suffice to say, your feet can stay dry in this thing, no matter how many puddles of water you encounter while doing your part in social distancing by hiding out in the mountains. It has a flexible Vibram Bifida outsole, which boasts excellent traction in the slickest conditions while providing a very balanced feel even when you’re standing on uneven ground.

The Filson x Danner Combat Hiker is available now, priced at $340.

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