Filson Popeye Pullover Hoodie Did you know Popeye is now 101 years old? We didn't either, but it definitely makes us want to cop this special Popeye hoodie from Filson.

Truth be told, we don’t know if any of the kids today still know who Popeye is. Other than brief parody appearances in Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and South Park, among a few other shows, there really hasn’t been much activity for the spinach-eating sailorman in the last decade or so. Still, those with an affinity for cartoons from the good old days might want to cop the Filson Popeye Pullover Hoodie.

While it’s not an official celebration of anything, it’s worth noting that Popeye was originally launched back in 1919. That’s right, the sailor with the massive forearms, tiny biceps, and oddly-shaped face is now over a century old, which makes him a vintage classic as far as we’re concerned. Well… a very, very strange vintage classic.

The Filson Popeye Pullover Hoodie is billed as a “tough and scrappy” garment, much like the character it represents. No, Popeye wouldn’t have worn anything like this back in those days, but it’s not the 1920s anymore, so you can’t exactly sell sailor costumes to grown men. We don’t want to look like Sailor Moon, after all. It’s made from 15.3oz cotton fleece that’s a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, so it’s got some stretch on there, ensuring the garment won’t just easily tear when someone grabs at you while you’re elbowing customers at a local shoe drop for a pair of limited edition Nikes.

It’s got the traditional relaxed fit of hooded sweatshirts, with double-layer reinforcement on the arms for engaging in physical work and center kangaroo hand pocket to keep you warm during chilly days. There’s a hood, of course, along with draw cords for adjusting its fit, as well as rib knits on the cuffs and waist. So yeah, it looks just like any of the hoodies hanging in your closet.

What makes the Filson Popeye Pullover Hoodie just a tad different, though, is the Popeye decal in the back, which shows the scrappy sailor cracking his knuckles atop a backdrop of a ship’s wheel. Presumably, the image was taken after he just finished downing a can of spinach and getting ready to put Bluto in his place. Yes, he’s going to do that by clocking him with a one-two combo, instead of angrily tweeting at him like people would do in 2020. We know, 1919 does sound a lot more fun.

Want one? The Filson Popeye Pullover Hoodie is available now, priced at $145.

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