Filson Ballistic Duffel Whether you need a bag for the gym, a trip, or a bank robbery, this duffel has the looks and the utility to be your carrying sack of choice.


In real life, duffels are the kind of bags you normally use for one of two destinations: the gym or the airport. In movies, though, duffels are a bit more adventurous, being the popular bag of choice for bank robbers to stash their loot in, for kidnappers to receive ransom in, and for shady peeps to carry money in when buying black market products. And the Filson Ballistic Duffel looks like the kind of bag that will be perfect for those movie scenes.

A 46-liter duffel, it’s the kind of bag you carry to the gym when you have a bit of stuff to tow around, whether it’s boxing gear, weird exercise balls, or some other personal equipment designed for your physical activity of choice. That also makes it big enough to carry a fair amount of cash, making it the kind of bag that will find use in one of those movies we talked about.


The Filson Ballistic Duffel is made from 12oz 600-denier ballistic nylon, which should resist cutting, tearing, and abrasions, so it will take some serious and deliberate effort to really damage this thing. Like most duffels, it can be carried by hand using a pair of haul handles, as well as hoisted on one shoulder using a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Both the haul handles and the shoulder strap are made from durably nylon webbing, which should hold up enough to keep pace with ballistic nylon construction.

Unlike most duffels, though, it can also be used as a backpack, with a pair of padded straps that are stowed away in a dedicated pocket. Unzip the pocket, pull those out, and you can carry the load on two shoulders, so you can load this thing with heavy gear without any troubles.


The Filson Ballistic Duffel has a spacious interior with a large open chamber, so you can use it to hold larger gear, and a full-length leather pocket meant to fit laptops up to 15 inches in size. Suffice to say, this has enough room to fit most things you’ll want to bring either to the gym or to a trip, whether it be sports equipment, fitness gear, or a stack of 100s you want to launder in a foreign country. It measures 23.5 x 12 x 10 inches (width x depth x height), so it’s a great size for both use around town and carry-on during travel.


Inside, it also has a lined mud pocket, so you can keep your sweaty and dirty gear separate from the rest of the bag, all while serving as a great place to stash any emergency weapon you may want to hide (hey, they do it in the movies). Outside, it gets two large zippered exterior pockets, so you can keep some of your gear within easy access at all times. Three colorways are available, namely otter green, dark navy, and whiskey, with all of them looking good enough to hold their own in a bank robbery scene.

The Filson Ballistic Duffel is available now, priced at $245.

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