Field Notes Byline Notebook Feel like you're writing important stuff while jotting down the most inane things with Field Notes' version of the classic reporter's notebook.


Whether you’re an actual reporter taking notes for a story or a student listing down important bits of a lecture, whipping out one of those long reporter’s notebooks will make whatever you’re jotting down look important. Yes, you could be writing down the most inane things and the Field Notes Byline Notebook should make you look like an absolute pro.

Created at the request of CBS reporter John Dickerson, it’s patterned after the classic reporter’s notebook – you know, the same kind you’ll see members of the press pull out in old movies while attending a press conference or listening to a speech. We know, everybody pulls out recorders and smartphones now instead, but if you’re looking for a notebook you can comfortably write on while standing in a crowd, this thing should do the trick.


The Field Notes Byline doesn’t just recreate the reporter’s notebook, but improves on it. That includes a slightly narrower profile for more conveniently fitting in hand, along with a lighter Collegiate ruling to make notes easier to read. Ever had spiral notebooks catch on to clothes and bags? Not this one, whose cover is designed to protect the binding, covering it up to ensure it doesn’t get caught anywhere. The binding even comes with a custom diameter, so every page flips comfortably right through.

Need a harder back cover for more stable handwriting? It comes with a pocket on the inside back cover that you can stuff with stiffer cardboards, so you can customize it to your liking. Each one comes with 70 pages measuring 3.75 x 8 inches (w x h).

Available now, the Field Notes Byline is priced at $12.95 a pair.