Fidgity Stand & Spin Mat Taking anti-fatigue mats to the next level, this ergonomic platform includes a spinner, stretch wedges, massage balls, and even a full-range foot roller.

Working on a standing desk is a great way to burn some extra calories while you slave away at your work-from-home job decked in a luxurious bathrobe. However, standing for the duration of a workday can put a good amount of strain and discomfort on the feet, legs, and back, which probably won’t end well for you after months (or years) of working on a standing desk. That’s why anti-fatigue mats exist. The Fidgity Stand & Spin Mat takes the traditional anti-fatigue mat and turns it into something even better.

Instead of simply giving your feet a rubberized cushion, the mat also gives you a way to spin, swivel, and stretch your lower extremities while you get your work done for the day. Whether you spend those productive hours going over documentation, typing up pages of text, or fielding Zoom calls against angry clients, this thing lets you do that while keeping your feet and legs busy, so you don’t just stand like a lamp post in one place the way you normally would.

The Fidgity Stand & Spin Mat has a rubberized surface that offers supportive cushion when you’re standing flat, essentially absorbing pressure that will otherwise end up on your joints similar to other anti-fatigue mats. What sets it apart, of course, are the rest of the fixtures built into the mat. At the center, for instance, is a 360-degree rotating platform designed to fit one foot, which you can use to spin like one of those figure skaters in the Olympics. Or something. What would spinning get you? We’re not entirely sure (they say, it helps your posture), but it’s definitely one way to avoid getting bored during a long, grinding workday.

Out back, it’s got a pair of foot rollers that you can use to give your feet some much-needed change of pace. Built-in nubs on the rollers should provide some form of deep tissue massage on your feet, making it a great recovery tool for those days when your feet are hurting a little bit, while a full range of motion allows you to move your feet freely back and forth.

The Fidgity Stand & Spin Mat also has wedges in the front – one at a low angle and another at a high angle. According to the outfit, these wedges can be used to stretch your feet and calves periodically throughout the workday, which should help alleviate and avoid pain in each of those areas. Lastly, it gets massaging balls on either side that’s designed for targeted deep tissue massage that can trigger increased circulation and provide assistance with sore feet.

Do you need this? If you work on a standing desk inside a room with a hard floor, chances are, you already know the havoc that setup can inflict on your lower body. It’s fun at the start, but definitely not pleasant down the line. Chances are, you’re going to get an anti-fatigue mat, so might as well be one that’s got built-in massagers, stretchers, and even an Olympic skater simulator.

The Fidgity Stand & Spin Mat is available now, priced at $149.95.

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