Felix Gray Computer Glasses Designed to protect your eyes from the hazards of LCDs, these glasses are a must-wear if you spend the day staring closely at monitors and tablets.


Staring at a computer screen has always been bad for your eyes. Problem is, staring at a backlit display for most of the day (and night) is how most of us make our living these days, making it an erstwhile unavoidable activity. The Felix Gray Computer Glasses let you protect your eyes from the hazards of modern LCDs.

No, these glasses won’t improve your vision like regular eyeglasses. Instead, these are dedicated eyewear designed to protect you from the damage backlit displays can inflict. Whether you spend the bulk of the day staring at monitors, tablets, or any other rectangular LCDs, having this thing while you do that will make the experience so much gentler on your eyes.


The Felix Gray Computer Glasses come in three frame styles, all named after famous scientists and mathematicians, namely Turing, Nash, and Faraday. The lenses, however, are the real heroes here, as they’re the ones that actively protect your eyes from potential problems. Specifically, the lenses increase magnification to prevent overworking the eye muscles when staring at screens up close, all while reducing 99 percent of glare to prevent further stress on your eyes.


Lastly, it also filters certain wavelengths of blue light, specifically the 400 to 440 nm spectrum that can affect the retinal cells and result in loss of vision. Do note, while it does let some blue light in, limiting the amount that enters should help you manage your circadian rhythm a whole lot better.

Available now, the Felix Gray Computer Glasses are priced at $95.

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