Feit Oxblood 8-Eye Lace-Up Boots A semi-cordovan leather construction in Oxblood colorway gives this winter-ready pair of boots a high-end dress shoe shine.


Boots may not offer the same conveniences as many types of footwear, but they’re guaranteed to keep your walkers toasty in the middle of winter chill. The Feit Oxblood 8-Eye Lace-Up will do that while blanketing your feet in the same luxurious leather you typically find in high-end dress shoes, ensuring you can punctuate any winter outfit with a shot of class and style.

Granted, the semi-hiker boot silhouette and Vibram outsole makes it a little less fitting for days you need to don a three-piece suit. With casual work attires, street clothes, and outfits for winter night-outs, though, it should do the trick, combining the rugged, utilitarian qualities of work boots with the shiny elegance of carefully-crafted semi-cordovan leather.


Feit’s 8-Eye Lace-Up isn’t a new silhouette, by the way, as this has been one of their go-to winter designs, although this is the first time it’s being offered in the oxblood colorway (along with an also new black colorway). It uses a padded, felt-lined interior and collar to add style and warmth, with hand-sewn construction to ensure durability. Features include a bamboo shank stabilizer, an internal buffalo and cork insole, double-stitched Goodyear welt sole, and a translucent Vibram sole that gives the boot a slightly more casual flair. Do note, the shoes are designed for narrower feet, so if you have feet that resemble the shape of an aircraft carrier, you might want to direct your winter boot-shopping towards something else.


Available now, the Feit Oxblood 8-Eye Lace-Up is priced at $760.