Feit Large Navy Bag Sporting premium leather construction, Feit's newest bag brings a sophisticated charm that makes it perfect for carrying all around the city.


It looks like one of those dry bags you use to keep your gear from getting wet on a boat. Except, with its upscale build, the Feit Large Navy Bag looks a whole lot more urban and sophisticated, making for a bag that’s more suited for gallivanting around the city than adventuring on a sailboat.

Oh yeah, it doesn’t just look more suited for the city, it’s probably out of place on a sailboat, since the darn thing is ill-equipped to function in the water. Suffice to say, using this thing while spending time in the beach, fishing in a lake, or riding a kayak down the river will leave your gear dripping wet.


The Feit Large Navy Bag is made from the same vegetable-tanned leather the outfit uses for their shoes, which comes with all-natural treatments so the bag should patina beautifully over time. It sports a two-piece body that mirrors the leather wrap construction of Feit footwear, while a 15-liter capacity makes it suitable for school, work, and a whole host of other activities.


Features include a rolltop closure that secures using a speed clip, a leather sheath cover for the clip that doubles as a top handle, and a strap that allows you to carry it either over the shoulder or across the body. It comes in tan and black.

Available now, the Feit Large Navy Bag is priced at $600.

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