Evil Bikes Wreckoning Downhill Bike The new iteration of Evil's downhill bike can provide a comfy ride uphill while capably rampaging through steep and rough trails.

Like many downhill mountain bikes, the Evil Bikes Wreckoning can rampage down steep and rough trails, capably overcoming technical obstacles like jumps, drops, and rocks. Unlike them, though, the downhill-focused bike is designed for versatility, allowing it to carry out exceptional high-speed descents, all while providing a comfortable ride on your journey up the hill.

No, this isn’t just a refresh of the popular downhill bike, which was also originally released as a “well-rounded” downhill attacker. Instead, it’s a substantial redesign that takes into account the various technical developments in mountain bikes the last four years, essentially turning in a mountain bike that can handle tough downhill trails and long uphill travel with equal aplomb.

The Evil Bikes Wreckoning combines 166 mm of rear-wheel travel with a 170 mm fork, along with the same aggressive geometry and 29-inch wheels that defined its predecessor. The result is a bike that can ride out the bumpiest downhill trails while keeping you in control, allowing you to run through every obstacle in the path in a capable manner. It’s also customizable, with the bike working just as nicely with 160mm forks when you’re riding sloping trails and 190mm forks when you’re going full-blast downhill bombing, along with a whole host of Flip Chip options. Yep, it’s that versatile.

With the 170mm fork onboard, a steeper 77-degree seat tube angle, and a longer reach, along with the short chainstays, the bike is designed to pedal comfortably even through long days in the saddle. Basically, it’s a bike that’s supposed to feel like a normal mountain bike when you’re riding in ordinary trails – a big departure from the majority of the downhill bikes out there.

The Evil Bikes Wreckoning is available now, priced starting at $5,799.

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