Everlane Luxe Double-Knit Crew Everlane's version of the classic gray crewneck sweater brings a slimmer, dressier appearance that should wear even better with the rest of your layers.


There are few items of clothing more identified with the classic American style than the gray crewneck sweater. And it’s been that way for a long time, having been a staple of men’s wardrobes since early in the 20th century. Like many classics, the crewneck has been reinvented many times. For this year, though, we’re really loving Everlane’s version with this Luxe Double-Knit Crew.

Just like the classic sweatshirts of the olden days, this garment is designed to be comfortable and well-fitting, all while looking neutral enough to pair and layer nicely with most any items in your closet. Whether you’re dressing in a shirt and tie for work or a more casual outfit for a day out, this thing will work, making for a versatile layer that will serve you well throughout the chillier months and the transitional periods surrounding them.


Instead of cotton like traditional crewnecks, the Everlane Luxe Double-Knit Crew is made using 12-gauge, double-knit Italian merino wool, where two ultra-fine layers of the yarn are linked together to create a compact but substantial fabric. As such, you get a warm sweater with a proper weighted feel, all without the bulk you normally experience from traditional cotton sweatshirts. It features a regular fit, tubular jersey seams, ribbed neck, self-start edges, contrast lining, and a semi-dry hand feel. Oh yeah, they decided to omit the classic utilitarian triangle around the collar, giving the garment an even cleaner profile.


The Everlane Luxe Double-Knit Crew is available now, priced at $88.   Aside from the classic gray, by the way, it also comes in black.