Eustache Dauger Watch Straps These 20mm NATO watch straps are made from repurposed Hermes neckties, allowing you to give your timepieces a fresh makeover.


There’s no shortage of options in watch straps out there, so it’s hard to be surprised any time a new one comes out. I mean, we’ve kinda seen it all. At least, that’s what we thought until we came across Eustache Dauger’s line of NATO Military Watch Straps.

Unlike most watch straps, it’s not decked in leather, silicone, or some type of metal. Instead, the bands come covered in silk twill that’s repurposed from salvaged Hermes neckties, giving each one a unique aesthetic that puts an entirely new twist in your accessorizing game.


That’s right, the Eustache Dauger Watch Straps are made from vintage Hermes neckties, complete with their original prints to give your watches a truly fresh makeover. It comes in 20mm widths, with a style based on NATO watch straps, so it should fit most conventional timepieces and wear comfortably like any regular watch band. Since silk twill doesn’t really make for the most functional watch straps, it has calf leather reinforcements on various areas (back lining and band loop), with a sterling silver buckle for securing it on your wrist.


Since the Eustache Dauger Watch Straps are made from actual Hermes ties, they have a rotating inventory depending on availability. Right now, they currently have 21 designs available directly from the website, all priced at $149.

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