Etre Victor Legend Men’s Shorts You know those storage belts that let you carry gear around your waist comfortably during runs? Well, these shorts integrated them right on the waistband.


It looks like a comfy pair of gym shorts just like you’ve seen a hundred times before. The Etre Victor Legend Men’s Shorts, however, are anything but ordinary, sporting a unique design that allows it to hold phones, water bottles, and other items without interfering with your workout.

Yes, you can put your phone, earbuds, and keys in the pockets of your other gym shorts, too. Chances are, however, you’ll remove them as soon as you start doing anything at the gym, since those things fall off, move around, and otherwise create a distraction you probably don’t need while squatting 300 pounds in the power cage. Not with these shorts.


You know those streamlined running belts that allow you to comfortably carry gear around your waist during runs? Well, the Etre Victor Legend Men’s Shorts integrates that right on its waistband, with compartments designed to accommodate phones, wallets, and even compact-sized water bottles. Worried about getting your phone wet? Not a problem, as the back section is water-resistant, so just throw the phone in there and never worry about drenching it with sweat.


Features include traditional front and back pockets (two of each), a reflective logo on the back leg, and a length that should make it as suitable for the basketball court as it is for the gym. It’s cut in a moisture-wicking, quick-drying blend of cotton and polyester, with a relaxed fit to enable comfortable movement through any workout.

Slated to launch later this year, the Etre Victor Legend Men’s Shorts are priced at $79.

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