EssenPack Travel Essentials Kit This dopp kit contains 23 travel essentials, allowing you to tick off a good load of items from your packing checklist.

It looks like a simple dopp kit. You know, the kind of bag where you will put all your toiletries and hygiene products when going on the road. Except, the EssenPack is actually a travel kit that assembles 23 essential items that any traveler will appreciate having on the road.

That’s right, this tiny purse-like bag actually comes with nearly two dozen items specifically put together for travelers, allowing you to tick off a good load of things from your packing checklist. This should free up more room in your luggage for other stuff, apart from saving you a lot of time when packing.

So what’s exactly in the EssenPack? There’s the usual roster of travel items, like a neck pillow that you can use to sleep comfortably on your plane seat, an eye mask that you can use to block light while you’re sleeping, ear plugs for tuning out the plane’s engine noise, and even a travel blanket, so you can roll up underneath a warm fabric in case it’s too cold in the plane. For when you get off the plane, there’s a waterproof rain jacket, scarf, gloves, and cap that you can slip on when you find yourself in unfriendly weather, along with a towel you can use to dry up and a tee, just in case you need to change into a dry garment.

A packable 40-liter backpack is also included in the pack, allowing you to have a handy bag when you need a place to stash all the things you pick up when you chance upon a sale at the mall right next door to the airport. Hey, you can’t resist a good bargain – we get it. If you’re not in the mood to use a backpack, you can opt for the included grocery bag, a reusable tote included in the set that you can use to avoid all that back sweat that come as part of carrying backpacks.

The EssenPack also includes a selection of EDC materials, so you can leave your usual everyday carry at home. These include a water bottle for rehydrating throughout your trip, a multi-tool for a variety of tasks you encounter, a SIM tray tool for replacing your phone’s SIM with one that works in your destination country, cutlery for eating on-the-go, a toothbrush (just in case you land in a country with no toothbrushes… yeah, we don’t know any of those either), and a UV sterilizer, so you can sterilize things (in case there’s an epidemic in the place you land in or something). Finally, they also threw in a desk toy, just in case you end up spending long periods bored with nothing to do.

According to its creators, all the items in the set are manufactured using technical fabrics, allowing them to be packable and lightweight while being reasonably durable enough for use during travel. It’s supposedly TSA-approved, too, so you should get no hassle from the people at the airport. The bag itself measures 12 x 6 inches (width x height).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the EssenPack. You can reserve a unit with the full set for pledges starting at $169.

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