ESEE Junglas Dark Earth From splitting wood to cutting rope to skinning game, this 16.5-inch survival knife can do it all.


An axe may be the traditional tool for chopping logs, but it’s also unwieldy to carry when camping with a good load of supplies in tow. If you’re going to be making firewood and kindling at camp, a large and heavy knife like the ESEE Junglas Dark Earth should prove a more convenient and versatile tool to bring along.

If you’re familiar with ESEE, then you already know the Junglas, which is, pretty much, the outfit’s go-to survival knife. This one’s exactly the same as the original Junglas, just a different Dark Earth finish, in case you’re not a fan of the original’s black powder-coated color.


Not your run-of-the-mill survival knife, the ESEE Junglas Dark Earth measures a whopping 16.5 inches long, with the blade taking up over 10 inches of that length. Despite the size, it’s shaped like a regular knife, making it easy to squeeze into packs, without having to get creative with the rest of your gear. Armed with a full tang blade made from 1095 high carbon steel, this should be one of the strongest knives you’ll ever find, especially with a blade that’s 3/16th of an inch thick. Suffice to say, this is a heavy-duty chopper that you can rely on, whether you’re batoning a thick log, slicing off knotted ropes, or making kindling to get a fire started. The handle is made from canvas Micarta scales, with the included three-point retention sheath cut in hard-wearing Kydex.

The ESEE Junglas Dark Earth is priced at $167.