Ergon BC2 Cycling Backpack Boasting a patented frame that transfers 80 percent of the load to the hips, this cycling backpack keeps your back unburdened and properly ventilated.


If you’re going to spend a big part of the day carrying heavy gear on your back while riding a bicycle, expect discomfort from the weight of the load and lots of sweat. That’s why, it’s important to use a backpack that’s designed to make you feel the most comfortable during those all-day rides atop a two-wheel steed. The Ergon BC2 does just that.

Developed specifically for cyclists, the pack uses a clever frame that transfers 80 percent of the load to the hips, ensuring the weight is taken off your back and placed on the saddle where it belongs. That means, a totally more comfortable ride, even while you carry an inordinate amount of gear the entire time.


The Ergon BC2 uses a semi-rigid design called the Profax PP-frame to transfer the load to the hips, which it combines with a ball joint system to give your back unhindered freedom of movement, making it easier to shift your own weight on the bike. That same design also creates clearance between your body and the backpack, providing the necessary ventilation to keep your back from getting damp with sweat. On top of that, it comes with an expandable design that allows you to adjust capacity by 245 cubic inches from the original 975. Features include 600D nylon construction, a bladder sleeve, a rain cover, helmet storage, and external pockets for small items. It comes in two colors, black and blue.

Available now, the Ergon BC2 is priced at $212.25.

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