Empack Training Backpack This normal-looking backpack is designed to double as weights training equipment that can offer up to 60 pounds of resistance.


If you’re going to do weight training, we’d always recommend finding a nearby gym. Not only is it hard to get motivated when working out by yourself at home, all that equipment is kind of expensive, too. The Empack Training Backpack is an erstwhile regular bag that doubles as functional and affordable equipment for resistance training.

Like all backpacks, it comes with a spacious main compartment that you can fill with gear and hoist on your back for a busy day around town. It’s got the usual backpack features, like a laptop sleeve, a zippered side compartment, and comfortable shoulder straps, so it’s just as functional as any of your bags.


Once you get home, though, the Empack cleverly transforms into functional training equipment that you can use like an oversized kettlebell. The front of the bag comes with two durable tube handles that you can use to pick it up with two hands like a barbell, as well as one tube handle each on the sides, top, and bottom for handling it with one hand like a kettlebell or a dumbbell. Since the bag itself won’t bring any resistance, the outfit is selling it with bladders that can hold 15 pounds of water each. The pack is sized to hold all four bladders, so you can use it as a functional 60-pound weight – not bad for basic or intermediate resistance training. Pair it with another bag with an extra set of bladders for two-handed kettlebell and dumbbell exercises.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Empack. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $100.


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