Elysium Basis Possibly the most credentialed age-defying product in the market, this supplement claims to restore cellular health like no other before it.


No, we still haven’t found the fountain of youth. If you believe what’s being said about it, though, the Elysium Basis is getting us there a whole lot closer.

A daily supplement, it’s easy to dismiss it as another snake oil in a long line of age-defying products in the market. Except, Elysium is being helmed by Dr. Leonard Guarente, a biologist who heads MIT’s Science of Aging Lab, with six Nobel Prize winners on its scientific advisory board, so there’s no shortage of credentials behind the promising new product.


Billed as the “world’s first cellular health product informed by genomics,” the Elysium Basis is a capsule that contains a proprietary formulation of two ingredients: nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene. These compounds restore the levels of a coenzyme called NAD+, which begins to decline when we reach our 20s, as well as support healthy sirtuin protein activity. Those two things are important because they are responsible for regulating over 500 areas of cellular health, so keeping them at levels commonly found in young people could be the difference between healthy cells and, well, old people cells.

Do note, since the supplement’s effects are designed to be at the cellular level, you aren’t likely to notice a lot of radical changes. Many customers, however, claim it leads to more consistent energy, sharper cognitive function, and sounder sleep – heck, I’d pay money for that alone.

Available now, Elysium Basis is priced at $60 for a 30-day supply.

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