Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses With two sets of swappable eye shields and temples, this classic wayfarer from Electric can double as a versatile pair of sports sunglasses.


Electric calls the Road Glacier their “most innovative sunglasses ever.” And we have to agree. You don’t exactly see sunglasses that can change in aesthetics and function by simply swapping in one part for another.

Designed in collaboration with surf icon Chris Christenson, the sunglasses offer versatile utility, allowing you to equip it for different types of activities. Whether you’re spending the day riding motorcycles, skiing on a mountain resort, or just enjoying a clear day around the city, this thing can be modified to suit whatever tasks you’re doing for the day.


The Electric Road Glacier comes in a classic wayfarer style, so it shouldn’t too be hard to pair with most any outfit. It comes with two sets of eye shields, one mesh and one leather, which you can attach to block out wind, snow, and dust when engaging in any activity. They also threw in two pairs of temples, one standard and one that hooks completely around the ear, so it will stay on regardless of how active you get.

It come with a mold-injected Grilamid frame sporting a double-action hinge system, with an OHM polycarbonate lens that offers 100 percent UV protection and 98 percent blue light protection. Features include melanin-infused polarized lenses to enable visibility underwater, performance-enhancing lens coatings (hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-reflective, and hardness), a sunglass leash, and a custom roll case for holding everything.


Available now, the Electric Road Glacier is priced at $140.

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