Electric Outline by Kelly Slater You may not be able to have Kelly Slater's killer surfing skills. Wearing his signature sunglasses, though, might get you some of his killer style.


No, wearing the Electric Outline won’t give you the surfing skills of the great Kelly Slater. What it will do, however, is dress you up just a little bit like the 11-time ASP World Tour champion, so you can strut around town feeling like you can surf backside barrels and hit aerial flips with the best of them. Just don’t go around telling people you can pull it off (let them feel it in your aura).

Co-designed with the surfer himself, the eyewear is being touted as Slater’s signature sunglasses. Well, considering he hasn’t worn it until now, it’s hard imagining the specs as actually identifiable with the youngest and oldest world champion ever (he finished first both at 20 and at 39 years of age), but that just means you’ve got yourself instant conversation fodder to come with your new pair of sunglasses. Plus, Slater is still active in the game, so we have time to get used to seeing him wearing this on his face.


The Electric Outline sports undeniably surf-inspired aesthetics, with those large lenses and wraparound design that ensure complete coverage. It comes with a frame made from a plant-based polymer and a bamboo sunglass bag to ensure you gain extra points with the sustainability-conscious girlfriend. Features include melanin-infused polycarbonate lenses (100 percent UV and 98 percent blue light protection), a three-barrel hinge, and an ultra-light 27-gram weight. Frame comes in a glossy black finish.


Available now, the Electric Outline by Kelly Slater is priced at $220.