Electric Knoxville S Sunglasses These sport sunglasses pair a versatile and classic design with performance-focused enhancements that allow it to be used during rigorous activities.


We’re big fans of Electric’s Knoxville sunglasses, with its versatile looks and classic styling that can go with most any wardrobe. The Electric Knoxville S is a sport version of that popular eyewear, pairing the original design with performance-enhancing upgrades.

A part of the company’s new S-line, the sunglasses are designed to perform better during active use, ensuring they don’t get in the way, whether you’re hitting birdies on the fairway, running up and down the tennis court, or drift-triking on a hillside road.   Basically, you get the good looks of the original design with the quality performance of technical sunglasses, making for the perfect pair to bring any time you’re engaging in rigorous activities while keeping your eyes shielded from the harmful glare of the sun.


The Electric Knoxville S sports a grylamid frame that’s thinner but stronger than the original, removing all material in unnecessary areas while reinforcing critical structural sections. Electric claims it’s now so lightweight you’ll barely feel it on your face. The conventional hinge has been replaced with a dual-action hinge that exhibits added strength characteristics while being lighter, along with impact-rated OHM lenses to ensure it stands up to being hit. To prevent slippage, it comes with a high-performance grip on both the temple sleeves and nose pads, ensuring it will stay on, regardless of how much action you’re taking part in.


Available now, the Electric Knoxville S is priced at $120.