Effector Gizmo Optical Glasses Built to last, Effector's meticulously-handcrafted acetate glasses see the frame and temples joined together by rock-strong seven barrel hinges.


Although we have seen eyeglasses adorn some famous rock stars through the years, prescription glasses aren’t exactly standard rock star fare. As such, wearing glasses won’t make you look like a world-renowned musician at any point. However, the stylish design and meticulous handcrafting behind Effector’s Gizmo Optical just might make you feel like one.

To the unfamiliar, Effector is a Japanese outfit that makes small batch releases of handcrafted eyeglass frames that are named after various elements of rock music. Yes, the name refers to the effects boxes guitar players pass their instruments through, despite the fact that “gizmo” can refer to a whole load of gadgets in this day and age. Hey, they’re old school.


The Effector Gizmo Optical uses a slimmed-down frame, creating a streamlined silhouette that should wear well with a whole lot of face types. It has a design resembling classic computer glasses, so they should play nice with most formal and casual outfits, but with detailed touches that give it just a little hint of extra character. Construction is hand-cut and hand-formed black acetate, with a durable, seven-barrel hinge holding the frame and temples together, ensuring it delivers a solid hold that should see you through years upon years of wear. Other details include etched interior temples and double rivet elements on the sides.

Available now, the Effector Gizmo Optical is priced at $394.