Edward Field Wallet This wallet replaces the checkbook pouch with an iPhone-sized micro-suction foam, so you can keep your mobile device on the inside of your wallet.


Like all wallets, the Edward Field Wallet comes with designated slots for your cash and your cards, so you can keep them tidy and organized in one place. Unlike them, it also adds a designated compartment for your iPhone, so you can keep two daily essentials in a single pocket.

A checkbook-style wallet, it trades in the usual area for holding a thick pile of checks for a micro-suction foam sheet sized to secure an iPhone (they have individual models for 5/5S, 6, and 6 Plus) right on its surface. Just slap the phone onto it and it should stay in place, so you can text, email, and even take calls without having to take the device off.


The Edward Field Wallet even comes with a cutout for the rear camera of the iPhone, so you can take snaps while it remains attached to the wallet. Basically, you can do everything without taking the phone off, from playing games to listening to music to swatting a bug on the desk with your phone, so you can now be regularly identified as the guy with the phone that’s always in his wallet. The best part about this? If you have a good amount of cards and cash on the wallet, they can double as a buffer to keep your glass screen from shattering the next time you accidentally drop the phone in the middle of a call.


Construction is 100 percent full-grain leather for the wallet that’s stitched together with a bonded nylon thread. That suction sheet contains no adhesives, too, so your phone won’t bear any residues when you do decide to take it out.

Available now, the Edward Field Wallet is priced at $95.