Edgevale Cast-Iron Shorts These shorts boast the same hardwearing function as the toughest cast-iron pans, while wearing as comfortably as your favorite pair of hiking shorts.


Don’t worry, Edgevale’s Cast-Iron Shorts aren’t actually made from a carbon and iron alloy. I mean, that would just be uncomfortable. Instead, it’s a pair of shorts that’s so durable it can last as long as the cast-iron pan you stole from your grandma’s when you first moved out, ensuring you can wear it through the roughest adventures till the end of eternity. Or something like that.

Designed for outdoorsmen and craftsmen, Edgevale claims the shorts will deliver unmatched toughness, with a durability that should see it come out unscathed in situations where other garments would have already given out. Whether you’re roughing it out in rocky waters, hiking rough trails, or working with sharp tools in the shed, this thing should hold up to any hazard at hand, all while keeping you cool and comfortable the entire time.


Made of “cast iron fabric,” the Edgevale Cast-Iron Shorts are cut in a 12 oz Cordura cotton duck canvas and nylon blend that boasts four times the abrasion resistance of traditional cotton fabric. Topped off with a brushed finish for softness, it should feel gentle on the skin, too, so you get the benefit of seriously tough shorts that will survive most scrapes, falls, and accidents without any accompanying discomfort (for the shorts — your legs are another story). For further reinforcement, it comes with triple-needle stitching, bar tacks at key stress point, and a crotch gusset for excellent freedom of movement.

Features include an athletic cut that semi-tapers on the opening, an 8-inch inseam, reinforced front pockets that won’t fray from knife clips, double back pockets, and a rear paracord locker loop. It comes with a curved waistband for a natural fit.

Available now, the Edgevale Cast-Iron Shorts are priced at $78.