Edgevale Cast Iron Pants These iron-tough pants combine durable construction with a cotton/Cordura fabric that boasts four times the abrasion resistance of regular cotton trousers.


Unlike what the name may imply, the Edgevale Cast Iron Pants aren’t actually made from the same carbon-steel alloy they used to make the pots and skillets in your kitchen. So, no, it won’t make you look like Iron Man or a medieval knight in armor. Instead, the pants are named for their unmatched durability, making them a must-have for guys who frequently put their clothing in harm’s way.

Designed for outdoorsmen and craftsmen, the pants come with four times the abrasion resistance compared to traditional pants of the same weight, ensuring it won’t easily scrape even if you brush up against rough and sharp objects on a regular basis. Simply put, whether you frequently crawl caves, deal with sharp tools, or do anything that leave regular pants scuffed and worn down, a pair of these should offer a more cost-effective alternative.


The Edgevale Cast Iron Pants exhibit the unique abrasion-resistant property by combining three-quarters of cotton duck with one-quarter of Cordura Nyco, the same performance fabric used in military uniforms for the last 45 years. Adding to the toughness of the 12-oz. hybrid fabric are triple-needle stitching all throughout the garment, bar tacks at key stress points, and a crotch gusset to give you complete freedom of movement. Features include a double front for another layer of protection, 1000-denier Cordura pocket reinforcements (to keep knife clips from fraying your pockets), and a slim straight fit.


Available now, the Edgevale Cast Iron Pants are priced at $149.