Eddie Bauer Voyager II Travel Blazer Sporting the look of a well-tailored jacket, the Eddie Bauer Voyager II Travel Blazer lets you wear an aura of casual refinement during your travels.


You know how tourists just put on the most comfortable clothes they have because they’re on vacation/travel mode? There’s nothing wrong with that. However, there’s also nothing wrong with looking a little more refined while you explore new cities and sample bits of the culture. Since donning a formal suit is probably going to be all manners of inconvenient, may we suggest something like Eddie Bauer’s Voyager II Travel Blazer instead.

Sporting the look of a well-tailored jacket, the blazer lets you wear an aura of refinement while you confusingly ask for directions, enter the wrong establishments, and get swindled by local vendors during your travels. Whether you’re in a big metropolis, a small beach town, or an area of historical significance you can’t fully appreciate, this thing should help you look like a cultured traveler, instead of a grimy backpacker who hasn’t bathed in a couple of days because… uhm… jetlag.


Built for on-the-road adventures, the Voyager II is made from Flexion (94 percent nylon, 6 percent spandex), a soft shell fabric that’s rugged, breathable, and packable, complete with a decent amount of stretch for comfortable movement while you run to catch up to trains, cabs, and pickpockets. It has a water-repellent finish to keep everything looking clean and dry, with a dedicated interior pocket for organizing and securing your boarding pass, passport, phone, and other essentials. Features include a detachable throat collar latch, a mesh liner over the shoulders to keep you cool, and another sly zippered pocket by the waist for keeping a small stash of cash.


Available now, the Eddie Bauer Men’s Voyager II Travel Blazer is priced at $149.