Eddie Bauer Down Camp Suit Back in the 1950s, Eddie Bauer released a down underwear set that’s become a favorite among mountaineers. This year, it comes back as more versatile overall.

During the first American expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest in 1963, many of the party members were decked in Eddie Bauer’s down underwear, which combined serious warmth with a low amount of bulk. Suffice to say, mountaineers of the time loved the darn thing. The Eddie Bauer Down Camp Suit resurrects that classic underwear ensemble as a one-piece garment.

A part of the outfit’s 100 year anniversary collection, this unisex garment gives you a puffy onesie that you can use as underwear, much like its mid-1900s predecessor, layering it with other garments to get you through the really cold days of the year. For winter days when the chill is a bit more tolerable, though, this thing should hold up enough to stand as its own outer layer, allowing you to strut around in a cool-looking puffy overall.

The Eddie Bauer Down Camp Suit has a sleek nylon shell that’s insulated using 650-fill RDS down, providing a good amount of warmth without the excess bulk and overstuffed appearance of traditional puffy garments. That makes it possible to use it as a base layer, so you can put on shirts, jackets, and even pants on top to make your cold-weather ensemble just that much warmer. Because it’s an overall, the darn thing keeps you toasty from the shoulders down through the length of your legs, too, making it a viable garment for wearing by itself during not-so-cold mornings at camp.

It has rib-knit collar and cuffs that can snap close to lock in body heat and stretch to make putting on the garment easy. According to the outfit, it has a universal fit that’s neither too fit nor too relaxed, ensuring it looks good without constricting your body.

The Eddie Bauer Down Camp Suit is available now, priced at $179.

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