Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand No, you don't need a motorcycle stand. If you want to easily move your bike around to make room in the garage, though, you'll want this one.


No, you don’t need a stand to keep the motorcycle standing in the garage. If you’d appreciate a way to move that heavy liter bike around the garage in any direction you want, though, you definitely have to check out the Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand.

A stand set that attaches in both the front and rear of the bike, it lets you easily move the bike in any direction. It doesn’t matter whether you own a lightweight scooter, a hefty 1000cc superbike, or anything in between – with the bike perched on the stand, you can easily push it to any part of the garage without requiring herculean strength.


We’re not kidding about the easy part. That’s because each Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand comes with three of Rotacaster’s multi-directional wheels, allowing you to not just push it forwards and backwards, but sideways, diagonally, and a whole lot of other directions. That means, you can easily make room in the garage whenever it’s needed – just push and pull it to the desired location with no need for anything else. It installs easily, too (no lifting necessary), requiring you to simply poke it under the tires and push a little to secure it in place.


Three types of stands are available: one that works on all motorcycle front wheels, a rear stand for bikes with single-sided swingarms, and a rear stand for those with double-sided swingarms. Just pick up the exact ones you need and you’re set.

Available now, the Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand is priced at $675 a set.

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