DSTLD Summer Weight Raw Denim Jeans Hot weather and denim? Not the best combination. Hot weather and summer weight denim? Probably still not best, but could be good enough.


Denim and hot weather aren’t exactly soulmates, but even the thickest jeans aren’t that uncomfortable to wear in the summer. If you’d still prefer a pair designed with north of 90-degree temperature readings in mind, you might want to check out DSTLD’s Summer Weight Raw Denim.

Made from the outfit’s lighter 11.75-oz raw denim, it’s designed to deliver a less-constricting feel, allowing you to freely move during the active days of the months ahead. Along with the stretch, the fabric’s lightweight nature ensures it feels neither too stiff nor too starchy when coming in contact with your skin, allowing you to rock jeans all summer without the accompanying slight discomforts.


DSTLD describes the Summer Weight Raw Denim’s dry-handed fabric as pliable but tactile, with a long-lasting indigo dyed color that gives the jeans a bespoke fading effect over time. It comes in a standard five-pocket style, with high-grade and comfortable khaki pockets that are reinforced using bias tape for added durability. Features include classic timber stitching, a double-belt loop at the center back, copper-finished hardware, and YKK zipper (No. 5). Three styles are available: skinny, slim, and straight, so they should have something you’ll like, regardless of how you like your pants to fit.


Do note, the pants are Sanforized and mercerized to prevent shrinkage, so any size you buy should stay that way through the foreseeable future.  If you don’t like washing your pants, rejoice – they also recommend not washing the darn thing (and waiting at least four months or more for the first go-round in the washing machine).

Available in three colors, the DSTLD Summer Weight Raw Denim Jeans are priced at $75.