Drop Cache Display Valet Billed as “a sophisticated home for everything in your EDC rotation,” this lockable tray has slots for neatly organizing all your EDC staples.

You can use any box as a viable valet tray – just dump all your pocket’s contents onto the darn thing and you’re done. If you like your stuff at home to look a bit prettier than the incoherent mess most valet trays become, though, you may want to pick up something like the Drop Cache Display Valet.

Billed as “a sophisticated home for everything in your EDC rotation,” the container offers a single spot to keep essentials like your wallet, phone, cash, and keys, as well as EDC staples like pocket tools, watches, glasses, and writing instruments. Basically, if it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, you can keep it here, with each item neatly stowed away in its own section.

The Drop Cache Display Valet is a rectangular box measuring 15 x 12 x 4.7 inches (width x depth x height), with a clear acrylic lid that lets you see everything at a glance without having to open the box. Inside, it has an elevated knife shelf that can hold up to seven different multi-tools and pocket knives, so you can put a small collection of your favorite pocket tools in there, allowing you to grab any item you need right before you leave the house. Under the knife shelf are two hidden compartments for more discreet items you don’t want in plain sight, although you will have to lift the knife shelf out of the box to access them. We guess you can use those sections for things you don’t want other people to get ready access to, such as cash, medicine, or the second phone you’re hiding from your wife.

The rest of the box comes with a series of dividers that you can remove or rearrange at will, depending on the kind of things you want to place in the tray.  Want lots of small compartments to have individual slots for all your tiny gear? You can do that. Want to put your three favorite watches on there, so you can switch to a different wrist candy every day, depending on your mood? Yep, that’s an option. Want minimum dividers onboard, so you can fit large items, like a phone, wallet, and a power bank? Yep, you can do that, too. Basically, there’s a whole lot of options, depending on what you need.

The Drop Cache Display Valet has a pass-through cable slot, in case you want to charge your any device inside from an outlet without opening the lid, as well as a locking mechanism, in case you want to put your EDC stuff under lock-and-key. There’s also an optional storage drawer that can be stacked under the valet as a catch-all slot for other items that won’t quite fit in the main tray. It has a faux-leather exterior to class things up a bit, while a microfiber lining on the interior should keep your gear from being nicked or scratched. The whole thing weighs substantial, too, at 8.5 pounds.

The Drop Cache Display Valet is available now, priced at $120.

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