Dress Up Without Sacrificing Comfort With These Stylish Stretch Chinos Going back to the office after a year and a half of working in your sweatpants? Dress up without giving up comfort with these stretch chinos.

Some offices are now starting to bring employees back to the office, with more companies scheduled to resume normal work schedules in the coming months. That means, you’re not going to get away wearing a tee shirt and sweatpants throughout the workday anymore. While, we assume, most of your pre-pandemic work clothes will still fit you well enough, you might want to buy a few pieces to help spruce it up.

As far as pants go, chinos make for some of the better options out there for office trousers, especially with the current popularity of stretch chinos. With just enough of stretch fabric in the blend, it delivers incredible lounging comfort, so you can still dress comfortably like you’ve done in the last year and a half, all while looking smart enough to make you look like you actually put some effort dressing up for the office. Plus, chinos are a lot more lightweight than denim, making it a more comfortable pants option for gallivanting during warmer months.

Here are some of the best stretch chinos you can get.

Bonobos Refined Stretch Chinos

Made with a blend of Italian stretch cotton and just a hint of spandex (2 percent), these trousers combine the elegant look of dress pants with the casual comfort of chinos, allowing you to dress up without making your pants look out of place. Seriously, this thing looks sharp, pairing extremely nicely with any dress shirt, blazer, or dress shoes sitting in your closet. Granted, it’s a bit too refined for dressing down with a tee and sneakers, so it’s only likely to work for office wear, although they do offer bright-colored options (poppy and sunstreak) that can work wonders with more casual outfits while still playing nice with dressier work garments.

Buy Now – $149

Dockers Alpha Chinos

Yes, we love the name Alpha Chinos, too. We’d wear it just for the novelty of being able to watch Al Pacino on Scarface while sprawled out in our Alpha Chinos. Made with a blend of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane, the pants deliver the same four-way stretch found in many of their recent trousers, allowing you to move with the same comfort you’ve moved all year in your favorite sweatpants. This one’s cut in the outfit’s leanest, closest-fitting cut, making it perfect for those who like dressing sharp.

Buy Now – $60

Flint and Tinder Lightweight Stretch Chinos

Meant for use as a versatile pair of pants, this trouser is made with a blend of cotton and spandex, giving it a hint of stretch that allows for comfortable movement throughout the day, while the high-twist weave ensures a breathable and lightweight construction. It has a traditional flat front design with a modern cut that’s finished with a slightly tapered leg for a more refined work aesthetic, all while retaining those classic chino looks that make it pair nicely with casual outfits.

Buy Now – $90

J.Crew Bowery Classic-Fit Dress Pant

Prefer your pants in a more traditional fit instead of that skinny fit that makes your coworkers look like they’re wearing yoga pants for whatever reason? Yeah… that’s not for us, either, so check out these stylish chinos, which look perfect for wearing to work, dinner, and everywhere in between, while delivering comfortable stretch with its cotton and elastane blend.

Buy Now – $90

Todd Snyder Slim Fit Tab Front Stretch Chino

Todd Snyder describes these pants as “tailored office trousers meet utilitarian workwear.” While it doesn’t quite have the refined office styling of some of the dressier options out there, it is smart and polished enough to wear perfectly well with button-ups, blazers, and leather footwear, without looking too laced-up that you can’t pair it with a tee and sneakers during the weekends. It’s cut in a blend of cotton and elastane, delivering a stretch that should keep you comfortable in the office and on the road alike.

Buy Now – $118